August 12, 2013

Dearest Family & Friends:

We are here and headed out to Zone Conference this morning. We have had a warm greeting and anxious to go share our love and the message of the Savior. Our flight was long but safe. We will spend another day here in Joburg and drive out (on the wrong side of the road) tomorrow. We are going 3 hours north to a small “group” in Polokwane.  There are 4 missionaries near by, and we will be helping the leadership, members and missionaries.

The mission office went and got us an apartment. They told us it even had some grass. We are happy to be in a little smaller community. Mom is struggling with the 24 hours alarm clock this morning. The 00:39 on the clock does not mean get up, you have 39 minutes, it means in 39 minutes it will be midnight and you have another 6 hours too sleep. But on the good side, she is showered, dressed and has plenty of time to study. She did however look at her watch, but it reads differently up side down.

We want to thank everyone of you for the love and care you have showed to us.

Talk to you later.
Elder & Sister Harward


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One Response to ARRIVAL

  1. Nick says:

    Best looking missionaries around!

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