Group Mission Leader and District Conference

August 25, 2013

Dear Family & Friends:

The women here are wonderful.  They are so warm and loving.  The way they carry their little ones on their backs is amazing. Just strap them on
They bend over and lay their baby in the middle of their back and then wrap this blanket around them and their baby.  They say that they feel that the pressure on the umbilical cord up against the Mother is good for the baby and makes them more comfortable.  The babies seem quite content
and they are carried that way from the time they are tiny to about one and a half years old.  I had this Sister show me how she wraps the blanket and they wrap
it all by themselves.  No big deal.  They do all their housework with the babies on their backs and when they go to do their shopping that’s how they
all carry their babies as well.  Maybe we should learn something from them!  It was fun to see the boys on FaceTime.  I just hope they don’t forget us.

Tonight we went to a village to meet with the “Group” Mission leader.  We traveled through this place called “Blood River”.  They told us to lock
the doors while traveling through this area because of the danger.  Once we got through that area we got to the village.  I’ve never seen such a sad place.  Cattle were walking around right in the area where people lived.  Dirt roads and I don’t know if you could even call them houses.  They were these little shacks.  We walked in and I couldn’t believe people could live like that.  It was clean but humble.  There was one light
bulb that hung but Bernard didn’t turn it on till it was so dark we could see – – – the bulb didn’t work so he had to go in the other room and took the only other light bulb they had – – his little wife and two children had to sit in the dark.

Bernard was about 32 yr old.  His wife is so sweet and the children
are just precious.  They walk 10 miles to come church.  They have to leave at 6:00 a.m. to get to church by 9:00 a.m.  They are so dedicated and they love the Lord so much.  It just about breaks your heart to see this in our world today.  He saves up so he can come into town when there is something special like District Conference.

Such faithful – faithful members. We really show what we believe by what we do.
We have to get up early and  travel to District Conference tomorrow. Everyone says the drive is beautiful and on the way is a big wildlife reserve.

Take care of yourself.


Elder & Sister Harward

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One Response to Group Mission Leader and District Conference

  1. Nick says:

    This post made me realize how much we take for granted. It also goes to show that the most important part of life is our family and living the gospel. I’m sure walking for three hours to get to church isn’t easy, but obviously worth it.

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