September 8, 2013

Dear Family & Friends:

Today in Sacrament meeting I had lots of thoughts. Let me share a few. I have the best companion in the world. Her love is evident everywhere.

It showed loud and clear as she spent a good part of last week preparing for Primary. I know she see’s each of our grandkids as she looks into the eyes of those little ones. She is so sweet with each of them and they love her. I can see it. They follow her around and today; each took what they could carry of her wagon load of Primary stuff out to the car and carried it to the primary room. I thought they were still playing some of the games as they all stood around the car, waiting for me to come and unlock the car door.

It showed as she loving helped give Maggie the courage how to prepare for sharing time, preparing dinner for all of us, and afterwards having FHE for Maggie and her daughter who as been a member for 10 years but never ever had a family home evening.

It showed as she and Maggie talked on the way back from Institute at the college last Wednesday.  You would have thought they had been friends from birth.  She always cares for others.  It is real and they can feel it.  If she is ever in a store too long, my first response is to ask her if she found a new friend.

It showed in her ability to listen to the Spirit when she knew that she needed to go to the store, buy some food for this little family that kept coming to her mind.  Mom told me later that she had prayed that she might know what to get for the family. While walking around the store she picked up a carton of milk (that didn’t need to be refrigerated – – interesting because Mom had no idea that their fridge was broken and that Batsirai had been using it as a cupboard) fresh and canned vegetables, bread, treats for the little ones, she also through in a can opener, cooking oil, meal maize, (she had no idea what that even was)  we had to ask someone who was shopping what meal maize was and how much to buy for a family of 4.  Mom said, “I know this seems funny but we need to get some silverware.”  The Lord needed someone to take care of His children and He knew mom would listen and know exactly what to do for Bernard and Batsirai, Luckmore and Kudzai.

As we went to their humble home later in the day, they had exactly 3 tomatoes, a small bag of beans, some meat drying on a close line inside the house and little else. I mean little else. The fridge was broken, so the water carried from down the street in 5-gallon buckets was used to try to keep anything that would spoil cool.  Cooking is done on a two-burner hot plate. They have no oven. Mom asked her if she had a can opener as she took it out of the sack.  Batsirai had no idea what that was, but said she used a large knife to “chop” open the can.  Mom then gave her instructions on the can opener.  Hopefully this might prevent her from loosing a finger.  Our Father knows exactly what we need.

I wish I was as sensitive as your mom.  She is close to the Lord, and I am so proud to be her companion.  She is more interested in listening, knowing these prompting come from a loving Father in Heaven and then going to do what she was told.  You know Mom.  There are no limits to her giving.  We found some stackable shelving, a set of pots and pans and a few extras.

To watch Batsirai’s face light up made tears come to my eyes.  When she saw the silverware she squealed, “Oh I don’t have any of these as she pointed to the forks.” Batsirai and Mom worked hard to set up her kitchen as best they could … shelves wiped clean, floor mopped and everything in its place.  Mom told me later that as she and Batsirai worked to put away dishes that they only had two old plates, three spoons, (two of which were baby spoons), one cup, two mugs and two very old pans.  No wonder Mom felt she needed to put those things in the cart – – these will surely help a young Mother take care of her family.   Batsirai (Bat-sir-i) is so very poor, but so sweet and humble.  She is so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who knows her needs, and a worthy woman to be His hands. I feel the same.

The closing hymn for Sacrament meeting was “The Lord is my light”. How appropriate, especially for your mother. I love her with all my heart and I am grateful to follow her as she follows the Lord.

I love you. Treat your wives with all the love and respect you can muster. They are usually closer to our Father in Heaven than we are. Tell them you love them daily, share their load, it is heavier than yours, and say “I’m sorry” as often as required.

I have attached the “story of the spoons”. It applies to all of us.


Elder Harward


Mom is practicing on a keyboard trying to get ready to replace our organist in church. Want to stretch?  Go on a mission.




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One Response to Sunday

  1. Nick says:

    I knew you would both be great on a mission. This post is bringing to life exactly some of the things that were said to mom before she left. It’s so awesome to hear that mom is using her talents to help the people of South Africa. You both have always been great to help everyone around you and as you share your experiences you have been having I know that the Lord called you there because of your talents and strengths. I’ll bet the primary children love that mom is mixing it up and adding a little “sister friendly” into their routine! 🙂

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