The Widow’s Mite


October 5, 2013

Dear Family:

At Institute we asked the youth to give us the short course on the hand signs used which are necessary to stop the taxis and let them know where you need to go. We through they were all gang signs.

If you are going to town, you give the hand sign with your finders pointing up.2013-10-02 09.57.17 For Local, you fingers or hand is pointing down. 2013-10-02 09.57.412013-10-02 09.57.31 I told them I see lots of people give the hand sign with their finder pointing away from them.

2013-10-02 09.58.32

They said that you use that if you really don’t know where you are going. I guess sometime most of us have been headed in that direction.

Here are the famous taxis’Taxi. the worst road hazzard around. The missionaries are not allowed to ride in them. Them drivers  are too dangerous. They have no rules. Stopping or even slowing down for red lights, forget that.  Passing on the right or left is standard and that is on a road with only one lane each way, scary.2013-10-05 08.13.48  Today we found a better way. A little slower, but the company great and these water wagons carry plenty of water. It gets hot here in the Summer.

2013-10-05 07.52.082013-10-05 07.51.03

Charlie is the mule, third from the right.

Went over to see Jimmy today. Mom is helping him write some letter to past Elders, several Senior couples, and other friends. She is getting pictures that he has and duplicating them to put in the letters and trying to gather addresses from old letters.  Jimmy is afraid that they have forgotten him. It has been over 12 years since he has heard from some of them.   He is so grateful for any help we give him.

As he and Mom worked on the letter and picture detail, I worked on his broken DVD and a borrowed radio he felt needed to be returned.  Being technically challenged and unwilling to read the instructions is not a good combination.  That’s me. Just ask Adam.

Mom is the master of patience. I watched them as they tried to understand each other and as he tried his best to make sure she is getting all the details for each letter. I checked out and started to read the instructions on the repairs about letter revision number three.

For our short message, we used the Mormon Message “Good things to Come” by Elder Holland.

If you haven’t watched it, you need to.  He watched it tearfully. He then told us of how grateful he was for Gods’ love, our visits and the messages we brought.  As he prays, his conversations with our Father in Heaven is tender and full of gratitude. The tears came easy as we listened and again our hearts were filled with gratitude.  It’s been a real blessing to get to know Jimmy and to call him our friend.

He directed me look on the shelf in his closet before we left. He wanted me to get a small wallet and remove 20 rand ($ 2.00) to give to the Branch President for tithing. I looked and he only had about 100 rand total ($ 10.00) in the wallet. He wanted to make sure, He was right with the Lord. He has so little, but has so much. I thought of the widow’s mite and I’m sure the Savior was talking about him. I know one of the reasons we are in South Africa is to show Gods’ love and care of Jimmy.

I told mom today that she had really made our little flat a home, and I had made our little home an office. We laughed. I was right on both accounts. You can’t have too many pens or printers, and on the other hand if one primary story is good, with all the trimmings, why not have several to choose from. However, Mom is making good use of everything and is never tiring in her devotion and hard work. Mom finished the hand written letters at 1:30 am this morning, and mailed all eight letters today.

Tonight we have a FHE with Bernard and his family. We had a lesson, games and all the rest from a sharing time lesson just hot off the press.  Mom is the best. I did, however, see today an idea for a Primary trailer. 2013-10-04 08.23.15  I’m just not sure if it’s big enough.

Things here in South Africa are pretty flexible. We went out visiting today and found a wedding tent set up in the middle of the dirt road we needed to get to a members house. Oh well. It’s OK, just park anywhere you want and walk around. You know, flexibility is real important in life. “If you don’t bent you break,” our family motto.

We miss you all, and each day, on our knees, we ask our Father in Heaven to bless and keep each of you. We know He is doing just that. We love you and miss you.

We are proud to serve as missionaries sharing His love and hope to these wonderful people.  We know we have been called to be His hands here in South Africa. Each time we share the truth of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, we know once again of the truthfulness of the message we bear. We love the people and they love us back.

We look forward to conference and hearing our marching orders for the next six months. Moms’ maiden voyage as the organist is tomorrow. She is doing great. I am real proud of her. Grandma Audrey, after 45 years the piano lessons has proved to be a success.

Have a great week.


Mom & Dad

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