Daniel and the Lion’s Den


October 12, 2013

Dear Family:

Last Sunday was Mom’s first Sunday as the organist and she did a great job. She would have made you proud. She did me. And she was worried about playing fast enough. Not a problem.  We will work on bringing the chorister up to speed.  That will be for another day.

The organ students are coming out of the woodwork.  Not sure how Mom teaches five student with only two keyboards.  I guess they will have to learn to share and it’s OK, they already know how to do that.  So, Mom now has her Thursday afternoons full with piano lessons.  Do you hear that stretching sound?  It’s Mom.

We had our first real P-Day adventure on Monday.  You remember the day you can wear your jeans. It was awesome. We went to Cherrio, a botanical garden about 1 hour north of town with 2 other sets of Senior Missionaries.  It is located high up in the mountains.  It was real foggy and the frogs were croaking so loud.  It was great.  The change for a day was fun and relaxing.  We went with Elder and Sister Chastain, from Idaho (going home in a couple of months) and Elder and Sister Brammer, from Orem, still with jet lag, having arrived just last week.  I’m guessing, they are younger than we are.

2013-10-07 04.12.482013-10-07 03.17.02 2013-10-07 03.52.26 2013-10-07 04.06.232013-10-07 04.10.06 2013-10-07 04.34.37

Brother Andries Mokgotho came to church this last Sunday, just as he promised from our visit with him and his home teacher last week, Brother Misishi.  He has been away from church for a long time.  He needs the Church and the Church really needs him.  He is such a good man.  I could tell he was feeling things on Sunday, feelings remembered from times past.  Faithful home teachers have been sharing the love of the Savior for quite some time without measurable results.  Watering gospel seeds planted with the love of the Savior produce the most beautiful of blooms.  I am grateful to watch this new bud grow to full bloom.

Lesson learned:  After inviting the Spirit in your life, go about watering, inviting, and loving others.  We are the Savior hands.


Thursday – Follow up visit to Brother Andries tonight.  Used the video “Choose This Day” with President Eyring and followed with our testimonies of the Love of our Father and the Savior.

It was wonderful.  The light in his eyes and the smile on his face made us so happy.  He will be to church again this next Sunday.  We need him and he seems happy to join us.

To see the “Rescue” from the front lines is wonderful.  Mom is the best.  Her service started with a FHE with the Elders for a family in our group.  The Elders ask her if she would prepare things for the family that we have all been visiting, Shirley Papo family.  We have been over to their home several times, to the hospital once and until this week, the response we have been met with the look of “come in” but don’t stay too long. Mom told a story about Daniel and the Lions Den.  She had characters and illustrations, recorded music to sing, a home made game and even “Lion” cookies for the treat.

For the first time, I saw everyone with smiles on their faces and having a good time.  When we were done, I told them we would love to come again.  The Mom quickly said, how about next Tuesday evening at 5:00.  She then added, Elders, we read the chapter in the Book of Mormon you asked us to.  What do you want us to read next?  The “Rescue” comes in all forms, but mainly just showing love.

Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. started “girl’s day”, with Mom, Batsirai and Kudzai.  We went over to the village to pick up Batsariirai bring her back to the flat for the day – – agenda included making banana nut bread with hands on instruction, and working on her English.

She had asked Mom if she would help her with her English so she would be more comfortable bearing her testimony.  Mom fixed a nice lunch for them (Batsirai had never tried pickles – -she’s a sport) and in between all that they did a few batches of washing. This gave Batsari an extra day. No hand-washing  or water to carry home this week. What a fun day.  They both enjoyed each other and were laughing and talking while doing all these homey things.  Batsirai was so proud of her banana bread.  She was excited to take them home and have Bernard taste what she had made.

2013-10-09 04.19.42 2013-10-09 04.28.29 2013-10-09 04.45.47

The week is not over yet, piano lessons started today for mom’s students. Too many students, but mom will work it out.  Mom’s service list goes on and on.   It makes me tired watching all this.  You know Mom – – the Energizer Battery Bunny!

I am busy trying to do some training with each of the leaders.  You know, teach everyone to fish, so that when we come home, they have had some “hands on” experience, and confidence how to do the Lord’s work.

Oh, by the way, I almost found some saltines to eat with my ice cream.

2013-10-09 06.33.28Not quite there, but better than nothing.

We saw Jimmy today.  He made us laugh as he told us how the pushing of the smaller remote buttons for his DVD was coming.  I thanked him for the kind e-mail he sent us and asked him how long it took.  Oh, only a little over an hour, and besides I couldn’t sleep, he said.  Each time we visit we leave a short message.  We often show a “Mormon Message”.  They are so inspiring and always invite such good feelings.  This time we showed “Lesson I learned as a Boy”, presented by President Hinkley. We use our iPad a lot.

We went out to Venda today.  Mom made a picnic lunch for both us and the Elders to eat on the way.  The Elders went with us so they can do some teaching for Baptism.  Two of Ruben’s grandkids and two of the cousins are of age and excited to be baptized. Mom did a repeat of “Daniel and the Lions Den”. They loved the lesson, game, and the Lion cookies.  I think it was even better than the FHE on Tuesday.

2013-10-12 07.35.57 2013-10-12 07.38.32 2013-10-12 07.41.16

The number of kids has grown from 6 to 11.  We are running out of room.  It was a sweet experience.  The two-hour drive was well worth it.

As I watched mom put the characters on the board, I thought about each of us.  At times, we find ourselves in a dark place with Lions, as real as the lions sharing the cave with Daniel.

It seems that whether we got there as a consequent of choices, or actions of others, most of us get to a point where we humbly plead for help of a loving Heavenly Father.  Many of us ask, “How can this get any worse?”   As if the Lions were not enough, how about making the cave a little darker by rolling a large stone in front of the opening.  Now, “Waiting on the Lord” and align our will with his.  Learn from the experience and be OK with what the Lord has in mind.

Maggy invited us over for dinner.  Chicken, pap (you say it like pop), beats, potatoes and ice cream.  It was great.  Maggy is sweet.  She cooked for most of the day and was real concerned that the menu was to our liking.  We started the dinner off with her pouring hot water over our hand into a bowl  – – they all do this before they eat.  They prefer to use their fingers to eat with, rather than utensils (she was kind and provided utensils for us).

2013-10-12 10.43.12 2013-10-12 10.43.34

It was fun and a great way to finish off the evening.

Well, it is getting late and we’ve got to get ready for church tomorrow.

We love you all and know the Lord is watching over you.


Mom & Dad


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6 Responses to Daniel and the Lion’s Den

  1. Margene Harward says:

    Hi Terry & Gayle,
    Love your messages and pictures!! We pray for you daily. Would you add Ken’s email address to your list. It’s easier if he reads from his computer. kenmar5001@gmail.com
    Bell and Gae both have email but have a hard time pulling it up. They both would like to write to you. Gae reads my email from you but she wants to write. Is there an address they can use to get you mail?? Love you both, Margene

  2. Gayle says:

    Margene: I can see you are on the Blog. Are you getting notification by an e-mail to tell you that there is something new on the Blog? If not on the bottom right of the blog you will notice (+Follow) press that and add the information they ask for). This will make it so Ken can read it on the computer.

    Tell Bell and Gay…For letters only: Send them to Elder and Sister Harward, South Africa Johannesburg Mission, P.O. Box 30150, Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150. They take some time to get here, but we will get them.

    Thanks for the note.
    Love, Terry & Gayle

  3. Brent Edgington says:

    Bishop and Gayle, Oh how I love Mondays and enjoying the good news of the gospel from South Africa. I thrill that your talents are being used so effectively in a far away land to some of God’s children that we otherwise wouldn’t know. I love seeing how happy Gayle is and how much she is able to bless the lives of those wonderful saints and future saints. I don’t know anyone who could train saints in the way of the gospel better than Bishop Harward. Of course, I consider him one of my greatest mentors and so I may be biased, but I thrill at how strong and confident he is in working doing the Lord’s work. Please know that we pray for you by name every single day. All is well back home. I hear wonderful reports of Tony’s gospel doctrine lessons and only wish we could be there to enjoy them, but that will happen in it’s due time. Please know we love you and so admire the wonderful job you’re doing.
    Much love!
    The Edgington’s

  4. Mark Hall says:

    Terry and Gayle — Once again, it ‘s so great to hear from you. I really look forward to your inspiring messages. There is no doubt you are really affecting people’s lives in numerous ways. When my son Jordan and I went to climb Killimanjaro, we went to the very Mall that was attacked about two weeks ago in Nairobi. We also went past the remains of the U.S. Embassy that was destroyed in Oct. 1998. All is well here– in about two weeks I should have a new grandson, and Jordan’s wife is definitely expecting next spring– she is the one I asked you to pray about. The High Priests Group Leader I home teach with has a daughter on a mission in the Phillipines, and he hadn’t heard from her or the Church since the major earthquake there a few days ago, but by last night he said all the missionaries had been gathered for a conference when the earthquake occurred, so, in fact, all the missionaries were quickly accounted for, and no injuries. Years ago I had a friend whose father had survived the Bataan “death march”, and I always wanted to ask him about it, but felt he probably didn’t want to go back over that dark period in his life, so I never did speak with him about it. I had a dream the other night I went to see you and Sr.Harward- I was in South Africa for some reason and asked someone on the street where you would be living, they knew you both personally and said you were fine. When I found you ( in the dream), you were living in a tent in a refugee-type camp, and you both just beamed and said you were doing well. I asked if there was something I could bring you, and you said it was not necessary. So, in my dream you were fine; I hope all is well. Your letters always seem to belie the fact that you can overcome most any problem that is thrown at you. May The Lord bless you both, Mark Hall


  5. Susan Palmer says:

    Terry and Gayle:
    I am so impressed with your weekly letters. You are truly demonstrating what the calling “missionary” means. I know that the people in Africa will grow tremendously from your service and dedication to see our brothers and sisters in Africa as they are seen through the eyes of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
    The light of Christ is beaming through your eyes in each of your pictures that you send. I am glad to hear that you are taking a few minutes on your P-Day to enjoy the sights. I promise you that the friendships that you make with with missionaries, Senior Couples and the people you work with will be cherished when you return to your home.
    Enjoy the strength of the spirit and the kind and tender mercies that you experience each day.
    Remember that there are millions of people praying for you each day…..so the power is stronger now than at any time in your life.
    May The Lord bless you ….
    Susan Palmer

  6. Nick says:

    What a great post! I love the lessons we earn as we read the posts. The videos are awesome! Griff loves to watch them over and over. Dad, I’m glad you found your saltines—-it’s nice to know that the Lord blesses you for your efforts—–no matter how small the blessing may seem. He knows all of us and is waiting to bless us.

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