Power of the Book of Mormon


Oct. 27, 2013

Dear Family:

We had the Chitewe’s over for Sunday dinner last Sunday after church.  They are trying to come up with a plan to get to the Temple, so we watched their kids while they visited with the Branch President.  I think they liked the Chicken Dinner as much as when we have the big spread at home.  We had a couple of additional visits to make before the day was done and a sick Elder to take care of.   A real satisfying day, but anxious to get to bed.

P-Day was all about cleaning and preparation for the week.  Now, that was not really what I had in mind.  Mom ended up the day with Primary training, dinner and Family Home Evening.  If you haven’t watched “The Testaments” lately, it made a great FHE.

Tuesday morning was “white glove” day.  We do a monthly inspection of the Elders flat.  With exception of a few missing light globes, they passed with flying colors. Tonight was “Group Council” and “PEC”.  We are coming, just little slower than I had hoped.  Mom says I need to bring it down a few notches.  Remember, these members are just starting out.  We do however have the group down to the right number at PEC (down from 35 to 8) and almost everyone came.  Remember, just ‘LIFT” where you are.

Great Institute class out at the college.  The apostle Paul is finishing up his life and ends with this report…”I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.” Wow, that is where I want to be.

Our visit today with Jimmy was great.  He is always so funny, but spiritual.  His gratitude is remarkable and attitude always the best.  I always think of him if I start feeling sorry for myself.  Mom’s organ classes are going great.  Sister Ruth was thrilled with her progress.  She shrilled with joy as she plays a little song that sounded like a circus song.   She just giggled when Mom told her she got a GOLD star  for her weeks practicing.

Bro. Andries greeted us warmly.  The light in his eyes and infectious smile make me happy.  He has found the “light of Christ” again, and seems happy and grateful.  We then went over to Sister Bambi’s’. We showed her the video  “Dalton’s legs

from “Mormon Messages for Youth.” She asked us if she could watch it again, as she dried her eyes.

What a sweet lady and her family. The Lord just wants us to love one another, and look after each other. We are hoping the gossip and unkindness of the past can be put behind her.

We are having the big “group “ party tomorrow.  A little stressed here. When we started planning, Mom asked how many she should plan on eating.  They told her 60 – 65 at the most.  So she planned on fixing Sloppy Joes for 70 people.  She had ordered Hamburger Buns from a bakery.  This last Sunday one of the Sisters said, “well I hope you are planning on a lot more than that – – I asked all the people I work with and several of my neighbors and their families”- – Mom just about died inside.  Come to find out when someone has a party here, everyone just comes, invited or not. The idea of this party was to create a bonding experience with the active members and members who have been gone for a while in our little “GROUP.  So Mom quickly reordered 100 Buns and is going to make more Sloppy Joes.

Since we have only enough food for 100, we are hoping that 300 of our closest neighbors don’t all show up.  I guess we will just eat until the food is gone.   Then its three legged races, gunny sack race, egg in a spoon & pencil under the nose races, run down blow up and sit on the balloon race.  Lots of good friends and lots of bonding and fun.

Elder Lynn G. Robbins just gave the devotional talk at BYU on Sept. 17th called “Avoid It”. He compares avoiding temptation vs. resisting temptation.  Read it. He uses simple terms and examples the make things really clear.  I wish I had had this talk to help me with the youth at BYU.   http://speeches.byu.edu/?act=viewitem&id=2135

Last night we got a call from Sister Moorane , the sister who referred us to Anastasia.  Anastasia is the lady who had her pastor and another member over for a bash last week.  Sister Moorane said she had seen Patrick, the guy that Mom called by name and bore her testimony to and at the end told him  “he had no right to dismiss the Book of Mormon” without even reading it and taking the time to ask God if it was true.   When we left last week, we gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon.  Evidently later that week he ran into  Sister Moorane at the bank where she works and wanting the missionaries phone number.  He told her he was reading it, and couldn’t put the book down.  He knew it was true, and owed the missionaries an apology.  He is anxious for another visit.  Don’t ever be confused.  The Spirit does the teaching.   All we have to do is open our mouths.   We found out from Sister Moorane that Patrick was actually the Pastor of the church.  Who knows, this story might have a happy ending after all.  Never forget, each of us is on the Lords errand.

The 1st annual Seshego Family Party started out with Mom and I first to show up.  No one was around.   By now we should know that South African time really means 3/4 – 1 hour late is right on time.   Smoke filled the air, I thought to myself, I know we are serving Sloppy Joes this isn’t a a BBQ, – – it was just the neightbors burning their trash in the weed filled ditch that runs in front of their house.   So we moved everything to the other side of the park.  Unknown-167 Unknown-168Well, the party is over and here are the stats.  We were worrying about all the wrong things.  We had plenty of  “sloppy Joe” mix.  REAL PROBLEM. . .we only had enough Styrofoam shells for 25 people, no cups, and no napkins.  Lets see, how do we stretch that into 70? Oh, here’s an idea.  Take the few Styrofoam shells that looked like they had been in storage for the last 25 years and cut the lid from the bottom.  Well, that gave us double the plates and a few will go without.  Now what to do about eating salads without utensils. (Cultural reminder:  In South Africa, most of the people in our area eat with their fingers anyway  – – so problem solved!) There was one plastic knife in a sack, provided by guardian angels, I think, to cut the Styrofoam shells in half.  The three salads really did feed the masses.  We are talking biblical stretching here.

Unknown-174 Unknown-170

Unknown-169 Unknown-173

Unknown-171 Unknown-172

REMEMEBER… ADAPT: Turn out from our Seshego group was good and a lot of people we did not know showed up in the food line. Mom had a couple of ladies that didn’t speak English with the expression of “please” to her with the wanting look … I am hungry.  Mom said, “of course, please come we’d love to have you join us.”   Everyone had a great time and we all laughed a lot.  Everyone played the games.  No one wanted to stop.   MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: “Love one Another”.

Unknown-182 OigwEhHe95d-0s73tmOo8tdOZuKtreU-7DLMdYO2U98 Unknown

On the way home we saw these two mules off to the side of the road. The one, lying in front of the sign, thinking about going to the tavern, the other, a true friend, saying. “Don’t even think about it.” Unknown-175 Unknown-176

We eat a little differently here, but while in the store, I think the dinner selection crossed over the line.  “Ox Head” did not really look that good. Not sure what to do with the horns. Unknown-177

Last week in Primary, Mom was teaching “I CAN BE A MISSIONARY NOW.”  Everyone was so excited to make the paper sack missionaries.  See how they open their mouths to share the message of the Restoration.  May we all should do the same.

Unknown-180  Unknown-178


We love the Lord and are proud to serve as missionaries here in South Africa.

Have a wonderful week.



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3 Responses to Power of the Book of Mormon

  1. kevinjjolley@gmail.com says:

    Unbelievable! It sounds like things haven’t changed much you guys still know how to throw a great party. I haven’t laughed this hard for a long time. It looks like your rebuke Pastor Patrick hit its mark. D & C :121 43 Reproving betimes with sharpness, when moved upon by the Holy Ghost; and then showing forth afterwards an increase of love toward him whom thou hast reproved, lest he esteem thee to be his enemy;

  2. Marci says:

    This experience is incredible! We all cried as we read it! We love you and are so proud of you!
    Love, Marci

  3. Nick says:

    These pictures remind me of when you were in charge of the BYU activities. Everyone looks like they are having a blast! I know they are so thankful to have you both there. Although we miss the fun times with you two here, it is good to know that they are getting to experience the fun times with you in South Africa. Dad, it’s good to know you haven’t lost your sense of humor. The comment about the ox head…..”not sure what to do with the horns” made me laugh. You are both GREAT examples of opening your mouth and sharing the Gospel and we are glad you are there doing the Lord’s work.

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