I can be a Missionary Now


November 10, 2013

Dear Family:

Our Father in Heaven said it best, when He said, “I, God, made the beasts of the earth after their kind, and cattle after their kind, and everything which creepeth upon the earth after his kind; and I saw that all these things were good”. Moses 2:25

Now that was a P-Day … Polokwane Game Reserve,  just 20 minutes from our flat. Acres’ of open fields, vegetation, lots birds and animals. We crept along, in the car, on the gravel road for about 2 ½ hours listening to the birds and this wonderfully peaceful spot in God’s creation.

It was magnificent. As we turned the first bend in the road there was a group of Zebras. I’m note sure why I was so surprised, but I guess I did not expect to see so many animals so soon; Sable Antelope, Nyala, Springbok, Red Hartebeest, and Warthog,  just to name a few. About half way through, there stood 4 Giraffe. They were the prize, tall and golden brown.  Wow, a sight to be seen. What a wonderful day. 2013-11-04 03.25.34 2013-11-04 03.28.012013-11-04 03.32.31 2013-11-04 01.58.29 2013-11-04 02.03.47 2013-11-04 02.28.50 2013-11-04 02.59.08 2013-11-04 03.24.05 2013-11-04 03.45.032013-11-04 02.22.422013-11-04 03.40.422013-11-04 03.28.392013-11-04 03.28.46

We spent part of the day getting the flat ready for the new Zone Leaders. Elder and Sister Bishop drove all the furnishings up from JoBurg and they needed help with the set up. We are getting another set of Elders and a Senior Couple in the next few weeks here in Polokwane. We are excited. We have plenty of work to do here and we can use all the help we can get. Both the leaders and members are anxious to learn and they need teachers. Tonight we had a training meeting with all those who come to our “Council” meeting. Unlike my normal self, I was determined to follow Elder David Bednar’s advice and stop “talking everyone to death.” We watched 3 short training videos from the “Leadership Training Library” and proceeded to invite everyone to council with one another. I handed out our agenda … one blank sheet of paper. Everyone was sharing and offering their ideas and feelings.

Brother Andres is doing well and his testimony is growing.  We had a good visit and watched the Mormon Message, “Flecks of Gold” with Elder M. Russell Ballard. “By small and simple things, are great blessing brought to pass.”

Any free time is filled with the last minute necessities for the  “Primary Program” this Sunday.

We spent the afternoon with Patrick. It was great. He has been reading a lot. He had the Conference Issue of the April 2013 of the “Liahona” magazine; we gave him last week, all marked and two pages of questions. He even had most of the scriptures we wanted him to read in his Book of Mormon already marked. We talked about our Heavenly Father’s plan for each of us.  Patrick’s wife listened from the front porch. She said she would watch the videos we left for them to watch.

Friday …exhausted. District Meeting.   Nolo came over for a girl’s day with MOM. The few hours in the Kitchen making treats for Institute tonight was a success.  Everyone had a great time including the neighbor girl who joined in on the girl fun.

2013-11-08 05.24.342013-11-08 05.06.362013-11-04 07.49.20

It’s piano lessons at 4:00, so off we go.  Sister Ruth is practicing and played a real, real simple hymn today.  Wow, never have seen anyone so excited. She is working hard and doing really well.

After lessons, we picked up Maggy and Elizabeth to bring them back to Institute tonight at our house.  I have been trying to get out of the way” and let the Spirit do the teaching as suggested by Elder Bednar.  Our lesson on faith went really well. 2013-11-08 10.26.01 Everyone had such a good time and the visiting afterwards seems to be enjoyed by all.   Everyone finally started leaving about 10:00 and we headed out to take the girls home.  Time to fall into bed.

Today, Saturday, was CES Training…wonderful.  Teaching us how to teach, with the Spirit, in the Lords’ way.  Elder and Sister Heyen did a great job.  They actually came out with us and are serving about one hour north of us.  They work really hard to make all the Institute and Seminary programs really work in the whole northeast part of our mission.   We finished up the day having dinner out with the Heyens’.  It was a fun unwinding evening just sitting and talking.

2013-11-10 03.23.24

The Sunday Primary  Program was all that and more.  Mom started out with only four in the Primary.  When we got here today she had 12 participate on the program.  Of the 8 songs, the original 4 children knew only 3 songs.  We are talking starting from scratch, no sharing time, no singing time and no materials.  I watched the parents as their children sang and say their parts. Some had to learn their parts in English, while what is spoken at home is Sepedi.  Mom had two older little girls sing a duet.  They sounded beautiful.  I know these children will remember their program.

2013-11-10 02.22.31

  It was powerful, the Spirit was so strong, and lots of silent tears were shed.  

All the children had their “I can to be a Missionary Now” badges on.  They were so excited to finally get to keep their badges.    Sister Betty had asked Mom to fix a little celebration for the children after the program.  After Sacrament Meeting, the primary went  to their little classroom.   Mom had fixed little “STAR” sandwiches,2013-11-10 02.23.27 juice,  chips, and cupcakes.  As the children were eating, she was telling stories about how Jesus loved the little children and wanted them to come unto him.  They were all so quiet.  They certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves.   We were so proud of them.  They really surprised us.



2013-11-10 01.43.102013-11-10 01.46.10

After a hurried clean up and putting everything away at the school (that we use for church),  we headed to Polokwane Council, then a Baptism interview and then 3 more visits finished off the rest of the evening.

What a great week.  We love the Lord.  We know of your goodness.  We can feel of your prayers.  Have a great week.  Thank you for also following the prophet in all that you do.  If we could, we would send you your “I can be a Missionary Now” badge.  We know that you already have one on.



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2 Responses to I can be a Missionary Now

  1. Judy and Kev says:

    You inspire us to open our mouth’s and share the message! Congratulations to the beautiful children on their primary program. We were cheering them on and praying for them this week.

  2. Nick says:

    That game reserve looks awesome! I hope I have enough saved to come pick you up so I can see that in person! Glad to hear the program went well! Keep up the great work!
    Love you both!

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