Hastening the Work


November 24, 2013

Dear Family,

Gee, today is day 10 and we still don’t have any water.  Where is Richard Brimhall when you need him?  He would have found a way to get us water, long before now.  I’m not sure what we are going to do when the new Senior Couple, the Winwards, come in on Tuesday.   We have been using their “flat” to get water and to have a shower for the last 3 days.  I think being flexible is meant to be a little longer than we had expected.

Our week started at Kruger National Park.  It was awesome.   As you drive through the park, the animals are walking all around.  Just stay inside your car.


The park is located just over 3 hours from our place.  Elder and Sister Brammer, from Orem, came up from Mokopane and went with us.  We had a great time and really enjoyed their company.  We stayed over for one night at a really nice Bed & Breakfast so we could see a little more of the park.

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Elder and Sister Brammer are awesome.  We had such a good time as we drove through Kruger.  This place is huge.  The Lord must have been so proud as He looked over the wonders and His creations here in South Africa.

The week was full with piano lessons, leadership training for both the “Group Leadership”, and the Young Women’s President.  Tomorrow we are teaching the “Plan of Salvation” to Patrick and we also need to prepare for Institute.

Patrick told us on Thursday, that he had been trying to share with other Elders in his church what he had learned about the Savior from the Book of Mormon and how it made him feel.  He said it was hard to see others not interested in what he now knew to be true.

As we went through his reading assignment, II Nephi 31-33, he told us he knew he needed to be baptized.  He wants to give his wife and daughter time to feel the same as he does.   He is recognizing the whisperings of the Holy Ghost.

He said he knew he was changing and that he could feel the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, and loved his feeling of peace especially when we were with him.

I think he just committed himself to be baptized today.  Wasn’t that our job?  As the Spirit teaches, I watch as I see the light go on. I can see it in his face.  He is anxious to move from question to the next question.  His wife is reading the pamphlets and she said she really likes what she is reading.  They are watching the DVD’s we have left with them.  Mom and I just sat there in awe as he shared his feelings about his love for the Savior and his willingness to follow Him.

Yesterday, Patrick and his wife came to Polokwane to pick up their 12-year-old daughter from school for Semester break.  Her school is located right across the road from the Polokwane meeting house.  He met with the Elders so he could walk through the church.  He was excited to see where we meet and go through with his family.

Wow, what a week and we are just getting started.  Institute was Friday night.  It is getting too large for our flat.  We are up to 14 now and everyone had a good time. How do they eat so much pizza?  We watched the new Mormon Message “Wrong Roads” by Elder Holland.  It was really thought provoking and we had a good discussion afterward.

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The drive to Venda was pleasant.  It has been raining a lot.  When it rains here, it is like that big rainstorm you had in Provo a little while ago.   Ruben and all the kids were waiting.  Looking into the children’s eyes as they watch Mom’s teaching is just amazing.  Mom’s lessons are filled with singing, stories, and of course games to review what she has been teaching with prizes to follow.   You can see the interest in their eyes. docJbsAxWGtIaKmmiD6anidbWGPkp5WoAJc8TvYB9Ow mi8DiMBnjqcOtV4QH9nswPpaaTP--xZpLI8YRifCseY gY66qvGQ7N9Pm3Au0KXMQM1l8sqraZr8b2xsxA3SR_w  Mom helped Phintuloh say his first prayer in English – – He wanted so badly to pray but didn’t know how.  It was very tender to listen as Mom helped him with the words.  He understands English but when he speaks it’s very broken.  I think this little boy has totally won Mom’s heart. Eh4MaSyQiMPK9WnX1lUCYCAK0HMIctOX3aesbiWCeFQ


In the village of Venda, I took some pictures of the humble surroundings.  Everyone waves as we drive up the bumpy road.  The rainstorms up have here have left lots of sharp rocks and washes.  With my history of flat tires, I take the drive really slow.

I know Mom was concerned about finding someone to do her hair, before she left home.  To be perfectly honest, so did I.  So, with all the confidence, I told her, you choose, there are salons everywhere – – -just pick one.

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Today we started out the day with no electricity at the school where we have church.  The music is always interesting when that happens.  We finished up the day with the baptism of Lesedi Maja’s baptism.  What a cute little boy. Mom played the organ and gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.  She did great.  Want a great mission companion, go with your wife.  ezWvECOexzQqmihaJaf-K3G12XBTBnlC_YcDvtTPW9I


With Thanksgiving this week, our gratitude for a loving Heaven Father goes on and on. We know that He is watching over each of you. We have been richly blessed with a faithful family. We love you so much. We are so proud of you. Have a wonderful week.




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One Response to Hastening the Work

  1. Lyndsey says:

    Ok I would die without water for that many days! You guys are awesome! Like all of the others I loved reading this post. That’s great about Patrick! I’m sure you’ll have many more success stories like his. My favorite part were the pictures of the salons! Those looked like classy places!! I’d get my hair done there For sure… Kidding of course! I’m curious if you actually went to one of those and if so how did it turn out? Griff and I are about to head out to build a bear. After much thought that’s what he’s decided to spend his birthday money from you guys on! We’ll send pics. Hope you guys had a great day! Keep up the amazing work!


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