I, God, saw everything that I had made,…. and it was very good


February 1, 2014

Dear Family,

Today, the Sabbath was awesome.  After we got set up for Primary and Temple Prep. Class, and the piano set up we sat down and got ready for Sacrament meeting.  As the chairs filled up the feeling was thrilling.  By the time everyone, even the latecomers, got seated, we only had 7 chairs left that were scattered through out the hall.  We had 53 people at church.  That was a new high for our little group. That included 5 investigators.  Gee, we had it all and electricity to boot.

Meeting was filled with the Spirit and the speakers spoke under the direction of the Spirit.  Elizabeth, a single mom, Brother Andres, who just returned to church a couple of months ago and Momie, the youth speaker were powerful.  No fluff, just pure doctrine of the Savior, Jesus Christ.  If you did not feel something during that meeting, then you must not have a pulse.

From this feast, Mom and I went in and taught our Temple Prep. Class.  Gods plan for us is simple but complete.  Our Father in Heaven gave us a gift of a Savior to help us, give us 2nd chances and knows how we feel.  He teaches us and loves us even through poor choices and then back to His loving arms.  Our Father has given us lots of things to guide us, show us how to live and how to be happy.  I am so grateful for Him and the Savior.  They live and love us. We watched the sky and clouds tonight. The sky, sunset, and clouds were brilliant tonight.  His handiwork is everywhere.

OjjexQG2NB9GZ1mdBKAIO77W78uRtbUHDY3G7HslwUs 38sZmWleOLnttbO9PTgiuX9AJ2vJCBdIVNXMA7SLGTc 09n7PdpQUWUeZpiG91x0HfPybspdGSTAuYKHwRFAoHQ

Primary was a master class on teaching how to follow, like Peter, become “fishers of men and serve each other.  The rolls have swelled from 4 and today there were 15. Primary ended with making cookie dough and giving it to the Elders and to Pres. Sethosa after singing I’m trying to be like Jesus.

Mom and I spent our 43-year anniversary in Graskop and the beautiful Blyde River Canyon area. It is located about 4 hours southeast of Polokwane.                                                      sNY46uzxCXZen4f-qSX4M7ZTVvVNPUqTpaoczwjFy70,e1eTyTTAiQpH4WRK1egJgDlr0SgUU0nTdK8i4zyr4-c WWfinBO0Yf6nHGDsoAxwwncqSrVlbBuii9t_sZyE0kI -SMIkTTJA9GQRJgjFKZ3YYofZFjSUUI7nTXn4J1tZaA fB4Cl6xm8lDl8PA9KbgLANm4xQsZvNYAqg02YmveuCc jjQ87wP9gFh6uk3HoJIjooXOM1IQVeijkg8DRg8eBB4






We stayed in a quaint Bed and Breakfast called Westlodge.                                                                a LZgSe9iUQCQVRbanmGIPXVEknrR6GHJKF2WWtBZShpo BVXpEvw1V12Lmpq4cbhYj9BncjlVcd-FzQGj4F3N8y0 LgGIYJIKgA5QLB3VjHwKj9-WS3X27Oix31NCaTZe3IY ymxKDNWYHPe8vwcbZJKC5g3fPcARzvUG8wQ1C5uU74k            PLSlLVAinxbBnnU2i_Gt6XWd94MG95tZZcT62P6vFts







This area is the wettest place in South Africa.  It rained 4 inches on Monday and again another 4 inches on Tuesday so we headed for Kruger Game Preserve only 40 miles away in the low area.  It was a bonanza with two Rhino’s, a bunch of Elephants and a Jackal among other wild life.                                                                 adsw_gYcpPLv-QRjjve-pA9jBhU1CyhAXFkbKdGZ68bs _XvXcr8xN8FvuwVk3p3atAkVPQM5EXmn_ETfMkjwjAg,-aglSvjyqPfSW1n74ZDF0qMVpoyHte47n5saLF-AGsQ degGpxIR8eYYbiLyIznbHS1BwuGWA8UYC37zvFbOWkA,I6r9dKm6MMRk_Q9VgHjjbCs5_fbTD5U8GOgJyzyO9Bc NU9H8q2BPOU4J0KatGh9DsyP-iJ10z4M6GNRO-YUn-E,nFchjM002vRCYCSh5FZibvF_-a23Di55mLNf4aqT_pk OrgkSV6-w8-Av51oElsRdO4z7EOvIBG1yRHQrKP-9YQ,SAhTDK_ufwbctIz0JFiTzXzcvLsBpUN2AoBObLZTqzk 6z_BO7UfNlmPdkh-SK2zMeoSs62pxZ_0HSjeKqJI1G8 0IqDx4zUQYZRm3MgQjwTd1gZAx3ns0WtQ0PF5TdJqiA,DqdfvwK7UBh2OtvXmTBcurfinqv37IyZps5PFOJ8Zsk fA5F-YLt-l1WgWx8L9Uqx7MrmLNJ00YbfTS_jQ-gPZg nsezEfV-6JyTmEGWkaZVcMKq1U0L_Wo4IW520Ylx5gM 6l67XZ-wAEq_AFb9NXCD_-fci6sIu55fOK3k0ka0v3E

The Blyde River Canyon area is breathtaking.  The waterfalls, fantastic river streams, rock formations, lwX6rveElj3iANsSNS8e4ZUMHCzPUkzjDWUy514apE4 XnXnMK2-F7AoW1ix9sL4ohxf0yvTM0scrTSiO7pQp4I,rCCqE6gaS5nzFH8hHy6zT1OvUccEpaag5xLF2uGO7SQvalleys with green mountain areas and






forests were unbelievable.  Berlin Falls and Lisbon Falls were beautiful. ixuEa3qX5BBWAmrJZHrTWDJQdP-katKY0MSFvxRb58s,1PWqLWMkyVP9v8a9mQh3NOT8D-LCXTv_HviRq_s3bFQ Bourke’s Luck Potholes worn down through the canyon was really neat.      Our last stop was the canyon of Three Rondawels.  The view from up on top of the lookout was really something.  I guess having over 10 feet of water a year is apt to make everything green.



lCo_d34oJ8HVxaSTOojhUXYqsixMmNKROJtGRmkQN-g 0_C-Olc6VHn-DJpPEEjF2usmLhJcmvilWFdq07ingBw







QlOPoPTJ0Gm7yPUSLqdN1EMhF39e1Lc4nQX0ZQEkZss GIgJtGnzAxnVN7h7b1bEKpcP_FavOXAcNNmpQe5zgc4

We had a great great time.  Elder and Sister Brammers are really fun to be with.  We had a good time.    Your Mom is far more than I could have ever hoped for when we got married.  I’m not sure how I could have been so fortunate.  I love her.

We did learn something fbhArvFMbF0evlIssmDrL8z-5b51wRDH4dHn4jqikocnew about the word of wisdom while we were trying to get out of the rain.  I had never thought of it that way, but probably true.

The bad news of our little get away is that when we returned; we now had 4 days to do the work of 7.   It was worth it.  We had a great time and Elder and Sister Brammer are always fun to be around.

Today mom made up dinner for Bambi.  She is the member that just got out of the hospital with one kidney removed.  Mom is all about service and not just talking about it.  We then traveled out to teach and be taught by Patrick.  We read and explained some scriptures.  He told us how he studied and especially loved to ponder what he read each day.  He told us how he loved having a complete set of scriptures and especially how he loved being able to study the words of the prophets in the Liahona and conference talks.

As we concluded, Patrick asked if we would fast with he and Mary.  He has such a desire that as a family they enjoy all of the blessing the Lord has in store for them.   Mary has only been willing to meet with us a few times.  She is so shy and such a sweet lady.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Friday is District Conference, visits to Jimmy and finishing up the day and evening with Institute. We love studying and talking about the Book of Mormon.  Listening to each other’s experiences is always inspiritual.  It’s too bad our little car is not an 18 seater.  It is more than a lesson; it is really a social event for the YSA kids.  They love it.  The real challenge is to get them to go home after we are done.

Today, Saturday is interview day for the 4 kids in Venda.  Chantel, Zwonaka, Hope, and Judy are so excited they can hardly wait to be baptized next Sunday.  Mom helped Elder George with the interview for the kids.  You know, getting the question down on their level.  They were excited, but scared at the same time.

7p0VK90SxY-eVftNb22-XhdLLqp9GyjVhdgAWhcIwd8 6UEzPAHswBbxgR9rv0otOWs_PBHmGwWSFlGUGPm0cwU oMCrELlhHKe_ijTOIzrY-osgALEHtSIA4UcTRCS_dH8Mom taught about tithing, had them fishing as one of the games.  These kids love to sing.  Of course with all the props the kids loved it.  Mom let whoever wanted to conduct to lead the children in the signing.  They just wanted to keep on singing.  They were having such a great time.

While I went down the rocky dirt lane to get all the permission signatures with the Elders and Ruben, Mom just sat in the car.  When we got back Mom had 11 kids in the car playing, “I spy”, “I’m thinking of”, singing “In the leafy trees tops” and had a round of “Row, Row, Row your Boat.  Not sure if these kids play very many games or ever sing.  They asked mom if she couldn’t stay just a while longer.  She is the pied piper all the way.  She is teaching and loving the whole village.

I hope you are all are all doing well.  Thank you for your notes and pictures.  We really do look every day for notes from home.  We are happy being missionaries. “Tender Mercies” are everywhere.  The work is going well.  We are about sharing our love, one person at a time.  We love each of you more than you know.





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3 Responses to I, God, saw everything that I had made,…. and it was very good

  1. Brent Edgington says:

    Bishop and Gayle,
    I marvel at all the good work you’re doing in South Africa. And I’m amazed at the technology skills you’ve developed. I’m jealous of both! We’re enjoying working with our YSA ward. Great young people with wonderful futures ahead of them if they can navigate through the treacherous waters. The church has recently came out with another new temple film, but it’s not yet translated into Spanish and Portuguese. A friend of mine who works at the Provo Temple told me he had two people get up and leave a session last week because it wasn’t the newest film. He was visiting with a co-worker at the temple a week later who told him his wife received a call while working at the temple and was asked, “If we come to the 6:20 pm session, can you guarantee that we’ll be able to see the newest film?’ I loved her response. She said “I’m sorry. You’ve been misinformed. We don’t show films here. We perform ordinances.” And so it is. We pray for you every day and are so grateful the Lord is taking such good care of you and blessing the people of South Africa at the same time. We love and miss you! The Edgington’s

  2. Susan Palmer says:

    Happy Anniversary….Gayle, you and Terry are exceptional in all you do!

  3. Gae Olsen Gmail says:

    Sent from my iPad


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