Suffer the little children to come unto me…


February 16, 2014

Wow. That was a day. 6:00 A.M. phone rings, someone needs a ride to church? Really? OK. That creates a problem. We are already trying to find rides for everyone to go to the Baptism in Polokwane after church.  So… adapt.

After we pick up those in desperate need of a ride, we arrive to find the gate locked at the school where we hold church. Now what?  Oh, here they are with the keys. Everyone hurry, we have 20 minutes to transform the school into a church.  No problem.

Portable keyboard set up, chairs in order, songbooks set on chairs all classrooms and toilets unlocked?  Check.

No power.  What?  No problem, let’s see how many know this song.  Does anyone have a note?  I don’t mean any note; I mean the one in the songbook and please no bleating vibrato, it messes everyone up.  Well, we did our best.

Our meeting started out a little rough, but we have 60 chairs and 59 were filled.  Some of the members we have been working with are starting to come back.  We felt a real sense of gratitude as we looked at all but one of the chairs filled.  Two of the speakers gave talks for their first time.  They seemed pleased as I talked with them after the meeting, and they should have been.  They were great.

Today we saw a new high in Primary.  We had 16.   I watched as the herd came out of their classroom, all surrounding Mom and each one carrying some of Mom’s gear.  They all seem so happy to be at Primary.

Temple Prep. Class continues to be great.  They have lots of good questions and some anxiousness, as we will soon finish up the 7-week course.  We continue to reassure our class that they will be OK.  You do need to be worthy to enter the House of the Lord, but being humble enough to admit that you do not know everything is a good place to start at the Lord’s College.

The lesson on the Plan of Salvation was a little overwhelming for the new 2nd counselor in our Elders Quorum.  He was left to teach by surprise, and the rest of the Presidency had to be elsewhere.  As he recognized the 5 investigators in the class, I could see that look of terror in his eyes.   It all turned out fine.  He just needed a little help.

With church over, everything gathered up and passengers delivered home, we were ready to head to Tzaneen to help the Mission President with Temple Recommends. The ride through the mountains was beautiful, but a little rushed to get there on time. It took us about 1-½ hours both up and back, but glad to do our part.   As we arrived home, I think it’s OK to take off our shoes and try to bring everything back down a little until bedtime.

Well, here it is Monday, and cleaning day (Preparation Day) without the fun activities. Mom said I make her nervous buzzing around.  I started with the shower and cleaning off TTnQLkWAouqn4RZ-Qa8qM-k_Rz7wtL6IHociZ1SkF8gthe mold, and then moved to mopping the tile floors.  It felt good to do a little hard physical work. Mom has been down for the count, but we went to the Dr. today to work on the eye infection.  I think she will be OK. We are going to slow down the pace a bit.  I think we have been running a little faster than we should.

The other night, I looked over and Mom was baking “Peanut Butter Prayer Cookies” Her lesson for the children in Venda is going to be on Prayer so she thought that it might be a fun reward after the lesson and games are over.   She also made 20 “PRAYER PILLOWS.”

Did I say we were going to slow down a little?  The children absolutely loved the pillows – – Mom is hoping a little reminder will help with their morning and nighttime prayers.  Most of these children do not know anything about saying prayers.  Only the 4 children who were baptized knew the steps of prayer. gQ_oiwe0rAkjO2aKj0FFdsESRRn2qr1odrpmz_aGe8E n70Nc4-Gr9TpBZAfLRyykpDZ7A5RVocCVKlvjtXkfp0

One of the neighborhood girls turned 12, so we got to celebrate. She loved the cupcakes and even a gift from a couple of her friends.

zWK6a7oGlSsaclQlZ4Lo1McHAxVPQbhknnx0ICjkvDA 4fVzyfw4mEC1HUnEqnNlewFK01TaRbyb-oD57hpGZwQ

Mom started to teach just like we do our little 1 and 2-year-old children.  Today was wonderful to watch them as they try to understand just who their Heavenly Father is and that they have a Savior, who is Jesus Christ.   The songs and the coloring of the pictures really helps.                                                                                                                                               ujDnNQqoUarMryMe-sTIO0TIVw7OvJofMlc1QeRtqIY FQSOx0i3Orka41HMBCdkMcsqZZlN9_UC6QOipfgkZ7g

As they were coloring their Prayer Picture, Mom overheard Zwonaka singing softly “Jesus Once was a Little Child”  (this is the little boy who was just baptized and doesn’t speak much English.  She said, “do you like that song?”  “Yes” he said.  Can we sing it?  Mom hadn’t brought that music but said, “I think we should sing it for our closing song!”

ujDnNQqoUarMryMe-sTIO0TIVw7OvJofMlc1QeRtqIY 27voAHcCRb3WaXEXSbNQqJ-AXzkSedUDaI-ZK2CJovM dTc77F9C3Pwy8nFYRXlia1KSL6PczG3-Hn7SEoR7EJo

He was so happy.  Just listen to these sweet children sing.

Keep in mind, most of the younger kids speak very little English, except for what the Spirit and Mom have taught them.

We brought Elder and Sister Winward with us today so they would also be able to come up and teach these children. AChk6ZV0PMusnUWJsYxunC76IbSSvnKDJmaOmGrKFOc  I watched Elder Winward with tears in his eyes as he watched and listened to these precious children.

This has got to be the best Mission ever! Where are all these kids coming from? 17 today. They just kept coming and coming. I did insert a grasshopper I noticed on the way to the outhouse.  Is that too much information?

m4oPAHIaMvYwt2iAPkOEUahZLAETclM1qI37VJB9XYo We are looking forward to going to the Temple on March 8th with the 3 sisters from the group. The Mission President will interview them this next Sunday after District Conference.  Mom and Sister Brammer kind of got volunteered to take care of the entire Primary’s of all three Branches in a Sharing Time activity for the last 2-hour session of conference.   Kids, your Mom is a trooper.

Our visit with Patrick was really good. We read the Book of Enos together. He loves to read the scriptures with us. Two weeks ago, we gave him a DVD copy of Oct. Conference.

This week I had his new set in the case with the cross-reference card. He was not about to give up the others until I assured him they were the same. He has watched them over and over and told me how he feels the Spirit was he listens and watches the leaders.

He told us that Mary really did like church, but still not ready to join our discussions. He did say he was disappointed that the reverence during sacrament meeting; people talking during the sacrament, kids running around and not very quiet.

He asked us to pray for his family. He is anxious about the success of his landscaping business, having the Lord help them with the adoption process, and help Mary feel the Spirit and the truthfulness of the Gospel. Their last name is Morifi. Please join us in praying for them. We told them about District Conference tomorrow. I hope they make it.

It has been a great week, except for Bernard Chitewe, our friend, having to go to the hospital. As it turns out, he had a couple of strokes and has really bad Diabetes. He is still in the hospital. As soon as they get him regulated, I am not sure about how this is going to work. With limited money for food, his diet will have to change and he really needs his right leg to start working again. Please add him in your prayers.

Well, we need to get to bed. We will have a big day tomorrow with conference. Since President Omer will be up, lots of interviews and Priesthood advancements to take care of.

We love each of you. Keep up the good work.

Love. MOM & DAD

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2 Responses to Suffer the little children to come unto me…

  1. Ang says:

    Mom- your prayer pillows turned out awesome!! Those children are adorable. We loved watching the movie of them singing, so amazing to see testimony’s sprout and grow!! Ollie said “oh look at that Nana…she’s just so cute!” It was hillarious!! So glad you’re feeling better!!
    We love your letters Dad!!

  2. Aaron Jolley says:

    Rose and I stopped by Mom and Dad’s on the way to the temple on Thursday (Feb 27). Mom suggested that we put Patrick’s wifes’ name on the temple roll. She didn’t know her name so we put it down as “Patrick’s Wife”. I am sure The Lord knows what Patrick we meant. FYI.

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