Blessings of the Temple


March 15, 2014

Dear Family,

Let’s see, where should I start?  Sorry about the missing letter of last week.  While we were away taking the girls to the Temple, someone broke into our flat.  When we entered that night we could immediately see that everything had been gone through and thrown on the floor.  They really tore the place up.  They must have been looking for money, drugs and oh yes, our computer.  We called the police and they came along with investigators and finger printing people.  They took the computer (couldn’t send off a letter), clothes, and tools.  They couldn’t find the cash that was hidden.   It sure makes you sick knowing that someone has been in your home going through all your things.

Blessing noted: We were away and we were not hurt.  We are looking for a new apartment, one with better security.

We have been working a lot with those who are worthy to go to the Temple.  These good people just don’t know where to start, nor do they have the means to even consider that one day it would even be a possibility to go to the Temple. Our time has been filled with teaching about the Temple, arranging for and taking people to get their recommends and doing it all over again with each new group.   We’ve been busy making arrangements to get the Mission President up here to finish getting all of their recommends signed and ready to go.

Last Thursday and Friday we took Maggy  Masemola, Elizabeth Kehana, and Gwen Molepo, all single moms for their first time to the Temple. Gwen was also able to get her Patriarchal Blessing.  They were beyond thrilled.  There were lots of new feeling and tears, including ours.  What a blessing to be taught in the House of the Lord.  We made the best of it, stayed in patron housing, provide for the members.  The cost is only $5/night/person.  We did our best to make sure everything was memorable.  We all had a great night out for dinner and the best of company.

This week on Wednesday and Thursday, we took Christina Mpratho, Kutsoa Mehlaple, and Maggy Masemola to the Temple.  This time Christina Morotho when through the Temple for the first time and since we had some extra room, Maggy came and went through for her second time.

Christina and Gwen have both lost their husbands.  As we explained the Plan of Salvation, the prospects of having an eternal family was thrilling and now within reach.

One of our young single adults, Khutso Mehlaple had been waiting for 4 years to get her Patriarchal Blessing.  We were able arrange to take care of that while we were down in Johannesburg as well as getting Christina’s blessing.  How sweet it was to be a small part of this wonderful experience for everyone.

2014-03-08 05.55.48 2014-03-13 03.22.552014-03-07 11.30.01 2014-03-08 05.37.09

Elder Hoffman is really the mission doctor, but was a Patriarch when he came to the mission field, so he has been doing the best he could to give us a helping hand.  We do not have a Patriarch in our District.

We have four more members ready go to the Temple and others anxious to be in our next Temple Prep. Class.  It is so rewarding to be involved on a one on one basis with these good, good people.  They are so humble and do the very best they can to serve and to learn.

We went up to Venda today and Mom taught about the Treasure of the Book of Mormon.  She has been teaching about Alma the `Younger and the sons of Mosiah and their great Missionary efforts.  She had a fun treasure hunt all prepared for outside.  As always, the Spirit was so strong and she gives such love to those children.  When the children finally found the treasure it included a Book of Mormon for all those that could read and “I Can Be a Mission Now” badges for everyone. 5 members, 9 non-member kids from the village know all the answers to the lessons, pray, and love to hear and sing about the Savior.

2014-03-15 04.22.332014-03-15 04.29.132014-03-15 04.43.36 2014-03-15 05.04.352014-03-15 04.14.462014-03-15 04.12.37

While at the Temple, I was able to track down what temple work had been done for Ruben’s Mom and Dad.  Ruben had submitted it back in October.  He seemed pleased know that his Mother’s work was complete and that he only had to finish up some of his Father’s work and then they could be sealed and then he could be sealed to his parents.   We are going to see if we can give him a little help with that.

Just before leaving for the Temple last week, Mom got all tangled up in the cords and pulled the dryer off on the floor.  She was a little worried with the rattling sounds as she finished drying her hair.  She gave it a little shake.  Bad idea.  Fire and smoke shot out everywhere.  No one hurt.   However, I still had wet hair, and no time to go to the store.  Hey, no problem.  We have a dryer we use every night to stay cool.  Lesson Learned: ADAPT

2014-03-07 01.41.05 2014-03-07 01.41.43

I think this frenzied schedule we have been on lately is getting to the both of us.  Signs of stress first showed up when I wore Mom’s – Sister Harward badge around the whole day a few weeks ago.  I should have noticed as people kept looking at me and then my badge, and then me again.  It never dawned on me.  Mom started laughing at me when we got home that night.  Look what you’ve been wearing all day!

2014-03-11 10.47.23

The other night we were going over the membership records with Elder and Sister Winward.  In a polite way, but with concern, Elder Winward asked me why Mom was wearing her magnetic badge with the white side out. 2014-03-11 10.52.24  It has been a little worrisome.  Sometimes, as I sit on the edge of the bed, I have to stop and think … am I just getting in, or am I just getting up?   We really are trying to get a handle on things.

Patrick is moving forward.  He says his wife is as well, but he is doing most of the teaching.  He loves to have us come, and we always leave with a good feeling.  So, for now, we are trying to be patient, keep loving, and praying.

It was hot today, in the 80’s, but I think you are having nice weather as well.   The Elders are helping us take 12 extra chairs over to church in the morning.  A good problem to have – – our numbers are growing!

We love you all so much.  We know that we are in the Lord’s hands and like as promised to us, He is taking care of you too.

Love,   MOM & DAD

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2 Responses to Blessings of the Temple

  1. Kev and Judy says:

    So sorry to hear about your break-in, good luck on your apartment search. The video of the kids singing is so sweet, nothing like hearing kids sing primary songs. Sounds like you both need to do badge check before you leave the house. Be safe and know we love you.

  2. Mark Hall says:

    Terry and Gayle— so sorry to hear about the robbery of your (flat) apartment. I’m sure it leaves such a violated feeling. Also, if you need a new hair dryer, let me know! I can only imagine Gayle on her knees turning her head to dry her hair with the room fan! So Sorry! ( it was not me). As usual it is so interesting to hear about your work — in fact, it seems as if the robbery hardly put a bump in your activities, hey– it ‘s only Stuff! Which I am sure you would gladly give to anyone who you felt really needed it. On the other hand, we just returned from a week on the Big island of Hawaii. It was a miserable 78 degrees most of the time– so please feel sorry for us. No rain, though it rained in Honolulu, creating flooded gutters and standing pools of water at road intersections. We saw the Kona temple, visited the volcanoes, went snorkeling in placid bays for two days, and just relaxed. My headaches seemed to go away at sea-level, so I may have to find a place at sea level to live, and write it off on my taxes, per Doctor’s orders. Just kidding. I did pass 9 years since the stroke (March 15– the Ides of March), so being alive is a great relief. I hope to have a new grand-child in the next 10 or 11 months. Jordan and Julie are working on ” in vitro” fertilization within the next 30 to 60 days, so I am praying for it to all work out for them. Jordan is currently serving in a BYU bishopric– I see Dee Thatcher ( from Far West Bank) occasionally, and he always tells me what a good son Jordan is, so all is well with them. Let’s see, the weather here is trying to turn into Spring, with temps. in the high 50’s, but it can still turn back to winter without warning. It is always good to get your letters, I am so sorry about the robbery, but pray for the both of you often. I hope I am not the only one who writes to you frequently– hey, I don’t have many friends! Mark Hall


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