The Tender Mercies of the Lord


April 5, 2014

Dear Family,

Well, another week gone by and we accomplished a lot. Our move is complete and “tender mercies” were more than evident.

Just before leaving for the Temple and the Couples Retreat, two weeks ago, both Mom and I walked around the apartment and started gathering up everything that we really did not want anyone to steal. Our list included our scriptures, the computer and ipad, certain files and the list went on and on. Before long, it was obvious that the whole apartment would not fit in the trunk of the car and we realized we could not continue to do this.

We had 4 months left on our lease and a 2-month deposit at risk. We really did not want to be paying for two apartments for the next four months. As Mom and I went over our concerns about the old apartment, securities and sleeping with lights on each night, we had to turn everything over to the Lord.

We found our new place by going out and looking ourselves. Most of the Realtors we called did not even return our calls. We found a development that looked secure with 24-hour security, high exterior wall and electric fencing along the top of the fence in a newer part of town.

This looked promising, so we stopped at the gate and asked if they knew a good realtor that worked with this development. They gave us a name, we called her and within one hour we were inside and touring a place that was for sale and vacant. A diplomat owned the place and had not been able to sell, but an offer was pending. After a long weekend, we got the good news, processed all the paperwork to rent. We started our move this last Monday. On Tuesday the six Elders came over and helped with the heavy stuff, and with Elder and Sister Bishop traveling up from Joburg bringing a truck and trailer, the move went quickly.

Fqz3wr1eVKOB4UewvcO3hzN7fbgzJ0qs4itLRHBcw5AThe Elders showed up early, so we kept them busy washing windows, vacuuming the floor, moping and cleaning everything spic and span. We had to say good-bye to the home-made handle for the roll up garage door. Mom couldn’t reach the handle so I made a handle for her with a used marker, a package of Hales Cough Drops, some electrical tape and a little rope. We had a good laugh when I finished making it but it really did come in handy for Mom.                         aHKaFNf0a0g9DAtc_GLA5-q5Syy0jTk46h3NAvvDMZ4I ECiUT66Gr_TRc-KVWOBFkpciCtIAkgmniaMEB7GxkV4    MlweTbwklPDcY98TahftMnwAvrntZm_92g7FG0eC7x0aR5WRzsN4HN0_yd49rqgolnQy95Jd2Zf_zEPO3JP27M          BsJZWuromYW5D2xXYhUQ0b3gqwMfBX17Jf2H--uz6Rs aD2Zs239RQep42mNZ05Icms-iTNjRrnrsUKWUzEKWvYWithin an hour after locking up, the owner called and asked if they could come and have the inspection because a new renter wanted to move in that same afternoon. How is this possible, there were three other vacant flats in our complex?

We were thrilled, but still not out of the woods yet. The contract allowed them to charge us for 2 months rent if we did not give the 60 day required notice.

If you think the Lord is not in charge, you are wrong. The next day, Elder Bishop got a call from our old Landlord saying that they would be refunding the rent we had paid for April, our deposit, and they would waive all future rent obligations. There is no question this was truly a tender mercy from our Heavenly Father.

We are thrilled with our new place. It is cozy and has a peaceful feeling about it. The wireless works great. We have an office, music room and get this, we even have drawers in the master bedroom. There is green grass and trees everywhere. A security guard walks the complex every hour, day and night. We now can sleep with all the lights off.  Trent,even in South Africa, pillows really pull the room together.                                                                         a5EUGg0Hka4r-DmWwR9W3qfbyMN2r6iFupIV2ZgbNsHk lodymf4EOI0ZgGZ0CVweePfnYXEBFmcFw2tKToPK1hs -wty1aabcba0WI8I2AM9F2LQiesxBkqxpyKOtoEk1KA HTBvX0oMUnuBUW-KADFbGGQbQKtyRaj4KZLBlEneYyQ gJdc3rnpIdplgtcaM5C9dYEcZBIRptU1mm2wLLiTBj0 cnR7bkV_JjP9HqHw2QbeLghcW5FqdCK1k3C9t_JfE_Y vTXKL-f0Tpnx7MtDFcbvvwr7HxcAxrvmSe2MyK2Zm10 SJVLRp8OoS96hM5xAluJWOcfMlPFmUQRf0EMWk58ZVM DP-yzaiDimpaSUs9jD40QlCzWHVr3B8buKQgzRS0x9w czRi-u_aO76A0FUS12MCfWEtDhhU5WSyr9cgRiEFUIY

S8-92qY_cwEntVi_3Y1qMOscKY64n_kGoNny__Br-8c We will miss the little girls that showed up everyday, with a small knock on the door. They will miss Mom and her treats for sure, but more than that, they will miss her love and kindness. Here is a note Tshepi, the older girl in the picture, wrote to Mom. She said, “I love you my friend. Good Bye. I love you”. We feel so blessed. Thank you for your prayers. 44zAQO_fTUpQ_GJ-0koEzyRlU6TaYY3DOaB69NJGusE






We went over to Bernard’s to check on them. The garden is growing. The tomato’s are still -c7L5ZyAW6f2lgvQnEDtmoOlBTm83jNLon11hSTTJfIgreen, but are coming along nicely. Since putting up some barbwire, the neighbors cow has stopped trimming off the corn. Bernard is doing OK, but his leg is still not bending as well as it should. He has been out of work since the middle of February and Batsiri has been cleaning and doing whatever she can to find work. When we went this last time she wasn’t there.   She had been hired to kill and clean chickens. With Kutsi on her back, secured with a towel wrapped around her, she put in a full days work. After paying for a taxi, she brought home 60 rand, or $6.00. She works so hard with no complaints.

AmKF_0L-IydLDv7ZBHCeSuUAV9h3RMqZbkHKcVNVggM,xtcLoPm2MTTGRJulY1gEDgarDPrjkR2n7suTwZHq6nI f3y5bYCA1cBqouPOPxk41lcpETMtLF69LP7_g5c1Yi4,2Lp5KPTVQdIY6b81QcZoff0sedfV9n-O3WsaGYc-waI

After several weeks of not seeing Patrick, we both welcomed our Thursday visit. The new tile floors he was having installed are almost done, and everything looks very nice. Patrick is so concerned about Mary and her willingness to just ask God about our message. We told him to be patient and just love her. Like I said before, just turn it over to the Lord. Just before we closed our visit, we asked him how he felt when he knew that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. He thought for only a few seconds and then said, “I felt free. I felt as if a door had just opened up to me.”

We really miss conference, the monkey bread and the family especially this Sunday. We will get the Conference DVD in about 3 weeks for viewing in our “group”.   Mom and I are going to try to view it later this week, when it is posted on the web.

Well, we have another visit in a few minutes, so we need to go for now. Know that we love and miss each of you. Love each other and express those feelings to one another.  Some things are not meant to be kept secret.



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One Response to The Tender Mercies of the Lord

  1. Kev and Judy says:

    Just like the video said, because of your faithfulness and obedience, you were blessed with these tender mercies. We love your new place and are happy you are now safe. Have a great week!

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