“Lift the goblet of gratitude”

April 26, 2014

Dear Family,

Today was Easter Sunday. As we had hoped, it was a great Sunday. We just had to make a few modifications. It was a bad day to have no electricity. I ordered a new battery for the portable microphone, but it had not come in yet, so, for those who were giving a talks, or blessing the sacrament, they had to speak really, really loud.

Instead of the congregation always singing the intermediate hymn, Mom has been trying to get musical numbers to add to the meeting. She had asked the 4 Elders from Polokwane to come and sing with the 2 Elders here in Seshego. They sang without the piano, (no electricity) the Johannesburg Mission song in Sacrament meeting. It was powerful. There is a part in it with the Sepedi language. Everyone’s eyes lit up when they heard them sing in their mother tongue.

Teaching Elders Quorum with a video and no electricity was a real trick. My laptop was a little small, but we just huddled around it and got real close to the screen. A little togetherness is not a bad thing.

I started telling my poor pity story about the infrequent electricity to another senior couple from Tzaneen. Sister Bunker’s eyes lit up as she said, “Do you really have electricity and toilets too? “ We have neither,” she said. I stopped my complaining quickly. We have both, at least some of the time.

dKIF5CE88Vt3kkOPnYJ4eyl6AsBNgq8KPKI62ETfFEcI do think it is interesting that as you come in the door for Sacrament meeting we have on a chair, for your convenience, both tithing slips and toilet paper. We can’t leave the toilet paper in the restroom building, someone always steals it.

As we sat waiting for someone to open the gate to the school this morning, I noticed something interesting, if there is a vacant piece of land, the people just move in and plant a garden. It could be on the soccer field, or even the planter strip, next to the road. I guess it is always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.


Z-eN3svfHjGFVAMsw7E6vSpSi3_pTPXN8NuBp0qahr4 -RZK-uB9JtT__RvO9FltHhP-13T5KrDFs_nHhPIq-Mk

We had our first joint Aaronic Priesthood activity on Saturday. We had 11 show up from Seshego and 0 show up from Polokwane. We played soccer and they devoured 14 large pizzas. Next month, I think we will just have our own activity. It is too expensive to use public transport to bring the Seshego group over to Polokwane. The 6 Elders showed up which made it all the more fun. President Winward came with, so it was a good chance for him to get to know all of the boys better.

rC1dPqjhnLIWOsbsykFdZZmNUYCos_szGSOrNeXYU1o 3ByCHmKO7BnAkkSfnPJMEMYpAbEB046gAKcRSkJ4n1U,SuQxeURTlt8qVX8xlWSF2qIwm7LsWVTuX-U_IN8Ur5c pRzAHPV7Dk-559Dm-yNKc03SLOxj2mgG7kca9in1mE4 yEUa2hwNM8NDqgt66iPRZ3VeUBgCiqxGGpZ1J6Dt_Bc

Simon Peter was off work on Monday. He asked if we could have FHE in the afternoon. We spent the morning preparing all the props for the lesson and activity and of course the “stone cookies (no bakes).” After putting it all together, we gathered some real stones, and I gave it a try. The Toys R Us flipper crouches were so lousy. We had to stand so close to actually hit them that the Philistines were breathing down our necks. As you all know, David had already taken out Goliath.

N6Wu-29ZBJyHMg7pmOxhMrDG-jlFXls_85JxLYzGIsc B-9UXaSxGGW-CiTX126F_UVGPFI0q8IeWrth-v8Vjhg fkW7ilFrD3_N39X-Qy4Y-q7ttPy-zpmb-IALshES8ks _vbPd5rlemKMbKHRgWEkNLuDF8q7vNVtvddP_aHGdcA

David and Goliath was a hit for with Simon Peter, Oma and family. Facing the Giants in IOyyPBN2Vfw83jsf4RW9I4mZfzB7fuJ3FfgfoZ_FgsQour lives with the help of the Savior was well received. Simon Peter was the proud winner of a Snickers candy bar for shooting down the most Philistines. During Mom’s lesson, she had told them how Goliath had “SNICKERED” seeing such a small boy come to fight him.



VaJcqeeduLmcy99wLCW2H82A6-y3tUs3v9hSPOnjEwk s2Q3pxPP0Cl3kQTI8gCYm-FNtfe06-2zkA21L8Zq5J8

We got a call from Oma on Wednesday, asking if we could come over again and have another FHE. “ Now?,” I said. Sure, she said, can you come? As much as we would like to, we were just heading out of town to teach Patrick. She settled for another FHE in a few days.

We continue to feel the Spirit teaching Patrick. He is so anxious to learn and search the scriptures. As I mentioned General Conference, he told me how much he enjoys watching some of conference each day. We bought him his own DVD set of October 2013 General Conference a while ago. He can hardly wait to get a new set of April’s Conference. We continue to pray for Mary to feel just a small portion of what Patrick is feeling. We just have to be patient.

We had group council last night at Sister Mary’s home. Everyone was there except one member. We counseled about how to effectively provide an opportunity for everyone to go to the temple and organized ways to visit those who are less active. The people part went well with not only the challenges, but some even proposed possible solutions . I think everyone is getting it. Good evening, good feelings.

yBlGMHGx6LtoNxp4T840LESNgv_EV8Himm9QgxwLYaIIt is getting a little cooler, but it is not my idea of winter. Here is a picture of the sunset yesterday.

President Omer was here for interviews this week. We were able to move things forward for Gwen to be ready to go to the temple with her kids to be sealed together. Her husband died about 7 years ago, and she is so anxious to enjoy all the blessing given to families by a loving Heavenly Father.

Here are a few pictures of district meeting. It is always a good experience to meet with the 8 Elders and the other 2 Senior Couples, the Winwards and the Brammers.

_DleMwXb8aJhYhfXdmLXocGSjtpgpSOUlAyQRsf5U1k MgfBtN0M2iZKBVZ9kZ8arBa5k69bCoYTs5mGE9d9yyc

Today we were invited to a welcome home party for Elder Mafubelu. He as been serving in the London South Mission. This is my old stomping ground as a missionary, about 47 years ago.

-nxSS77nLtY9oid_HNyY4EkWopZUTRvDujTFBKAplJ8We really love the people. Everyone was pitching in to help make the party and real a success. As you can see, everyone is happy while serving. Every chance I get, I love to be around Brother Mashishi. Brother Mashishi is in the red shirt. He loves to talk about the Gospel. He is gifted – – he has such excitement and enthusiasm when sharing his testimony.



Remember the solution to all your problems and Goliaths in your life is the Savior of the World … love Him, follow Him and trust Him.

We love and miss you. You make us proud to be your parents and grandparents.




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One Response to “Lift the goblet of gratitude”

  1. Janell Lawrence says:

    I love reading about your mission. What wonderful experiences you are having. Keep up the great work. I know you are being blessed for all your love and kindness to those you come in contact with. Much love to you both from Janell and Steve Lawrence

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