Making Memories


May 3, 2014

Dear Family,

We have been praying all week to have electricity on Sunday, so we could watch conference. We had the speaker system all ready, the DVD’s, projector and all the connections to play conference from my computer.

Our prayers were answered!! We had a wonderful day. Who would have imagined that this little old school house with broken windows covered with black garbage bags to keep out the light, would have been filled with the Spirit of Lord. President Winward asked that we show the Women’s’ conference first, followed by the Priesthood session. What a way to start off.

HVuJaIQlt2FGnt_W5sUmzYi20AMwp0KTsBWYHgjOvsY  Mom had bought some muffins, bananas and made some fruity drink. What a great little snack for the half hour break between the sessions. The kids were busy coloring the Conference workbook and other quite activities that Mom had prepared. Mom is amazing.

Everything worked like a dream right here in South Africa. Mom and I felt so grateful to be here serving the Lord. Our tears were close to overflowing, as the Spirit confirmed the truthfulness of the messages delivered at Conference and the message we are striving to deliver to God’s children each day.


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We know that God lives and answers our prayers. We know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. All I could think of to describe how we felt was shared by Alma.

“O that I were an angel, and could have the wish of mine heart, that I might go forth and speak with the trump of God, with a voice to shake the earth, and cry repentance unto every people! … that there might not be more sorrow upon all the face of the earth.” Alma 29:1-2

Thank you for all the things each of you do to make this sacred journey possible for us. We love you.

We finished up Sunday by having President and Sister Winward over for Dinner. He does not get done with interviews until late, and I know how that feels. Mom whipped up some “missionary food” and it was great.

They have been here almost 6 months, and with her broken ankle and travel to and from the hospital, they have not been able to have any sort of diversion for a P-Day. So, we told them to be ready at 8:00 am Monday morning for us to pick them up. We had a picnic breakfast and told them were all going to the Polokwane Game Reserve. It is close and filled with animals.

In about 2 ½ hours they had an experience of a lifetime. It was so fun to see the look on their faces as we spotted the White Rhino with her baby running all around. The Giraffe, Blue Wildebeest, Gemsbok, Red Hartebeest and Zebra all brought smiles, with lots of oohs, and awes. I did not get a picture of the Jackal running across the gravel road, but that was neat too

XkiY08buKwzzMPA3b1QjmrIyoqSpB-BIbLUZJnsg6dk,H7Q97CE5KhrI_9BzVzorhxvQ-RW9jc3MeMn9tNza-kA ZPGBBMLdyVrz62BvS9RBsY1HyXisUNzqUXdJZevnec0,X9BUMMpcamzDowOSst_nMcmPdejdRakbIk8drFKizKI p1WzqUZw333dCI4gCh21t_iBTKtRJDweDdseeaKfZNg VtFXm37OHfkecvyrxw_YTggWfH6OurmiZoBJ5MSAS2Y,TnrgiLHEJ2zIDlFtfet3hCxEGWftjNArYJagEfcqn4Q u_ZnCBE5Dws4XE1I8pC38UfzWWE9-haaOocNt28ZUlU,KyziQW_ULTMmrEr1bdlAwoOhTSIwGpTxbiHtM11JWx4 mDnJvadp96dItMpoXAtT2ZcMHXKtJ3kyH-kxzx2dpn8,Jrt85nw3_zFdgW0f6McMsJSiYjjxpWSfBzzeKsfb9pI wFxVlWNXdJIHAEypbO3Kqcg62HNdTRjNVIXnDRjv67k zVu3P0P7o0OsNb-Tta4PyYiPXu1Nu-i6hz4et5inTCM CmxB6fucPysJwqbk2jnYq8izrgmFBcgR6MqqZxKyYIE,TidrSnvH394pCOKRqbch4wVeZ1yZ1QLAd5amWQ2tu5c

I am pretty sure the Lord had a great time during the creation of South Africa.   He created this wonderful place and filled it with some of His very best in wildlife.




Elder and Sister Smith are heading home soon, so they planned a little get together in a little town of Haenertsburg, just 45 minutes north of us. We checked out the cute little shops, had lunch and watched the monkeys run all over the place.

Axyj9pnKc96BcGYe_vlLw5I6zP7x1Qd2AO-kSXH8xp8 OuEmmRWYQkiQf2bxqhbO0fI3jib9bLyADY6G5r6K-jA,wqxHj_C-b1B0gDlZdW0UfPv5E3BjtUq5hrd6J-ENzUg dR_DfIYoTZzeWxrL1ktbzEm_AGeJ3PyY5pWVasSgr28,T1whfX4oteB6hzJ3jejxbNbnt-qZul4IHNTyqRO7PtU qnQyiN3OzcKRvjCPePghH5gZ5J7LzIVZw2TmcnpVe1w,rd9zxbXkQYpEO7_oJT5nvoATZDWMBzM6btBj6m7joHI

After lunch they showed us Debengeni waterfalls not too far from the town.  Wow, what a place.

yDJOswHlV33cXC3YuBsCBjoh307n_ujCtpKqdZ9CL2Q,y5Cueb-gCX3nzhNA4hEmDU4R_RyOMfRXmYKnBR2X2FU EAiqKyJDzAQuuqL47UCl4UAvaEzih20qFT0kV81txvM,SKPnEfHfY5bW59h2LjHpdgeNPMLryl5PGpy_YnsiFfc 30amz7ntIT8YyP83CPpxcngMxla2reOkbyV4N1pBx-Y,2LD6F6-AJoQyKOaP4VZqQcHQLcAZMa6U3gTU14HHskU

We account for 6 of the 15 couples in the mission. It was fun to get to know some of the couples a little better.

DkbNKvGuFgMaEvh88uC_iWsgS7CdSUr0WS5DVCGqwY4,YngiDTL_ZscFPNzN_hiuIc5Z9RvR2NsrgSJj3zT6Ko0 4wnJehXMh7eNBfHUIlNGzP8KXSV4prFVgRATXvWtpwo,btS5y-3ccEGQXn1IlUMFGDiecOJkFu-l8VE33Zg9DJ8 d1G7M3FAOeM11AryPXnb33TFBUUVKb0Ry7vy0ufnw10,MadweVBcDz75cXz2tZqEiTVL9nk7UWuKnK7PBA-TKXw z76DjrdJfTjfY0yejzwodvZZIbZxmBBjpb5FYGWlfp0,_EBO77xYrQUO5780B5u7Ci1HM1ksLWBUVvxlOrW3W1E uoNMw0fvPmUkq2NvDZuK73QPM1kyd27HZvG3h8557W0,u-2ogBKuRnq-Dto2Ud3Sk5vcN5oUQPbrIoObhPR5VDc G8ElMLNrK1je9W9fOSwg3KS7cb8vBPJ7pk-L4zaO6AY,UVteOIfQbbwsE-9aidpPvCpbtSe-srtNzl_C2-JDDiI

It was a real peaceful day and we were happy the Winwards were able to be with us. Hope their batteries are all charged up.

Mom asked Oma if she could help with a birthday party later in the week. I guess you know the answer. The intimate party of 12 turned out to be 26, but we got everyone involved with games and the works. They love the balloon relay where you blow up the balloon, run down and sit on it. I mean they really love it. The “I got a little lion and he won’t bite you” was also a hit. Sorry about the name change. We are in South Africa, the lion took care of the little doggy. The wrist rocket and trying to break the balloon was a little more challenging, but we still had fun.

QZ6Dc45fCU1pkQK3EeFbUS4J51yhLMj_aQ9zARDysKs JnjhTUx5qcHWfUX9RGFmEFRS1vFh_hchImV9CsKiNug wEndnc1Z3_XWPyA-DbeurXFo2gIYw9CN23as_kKSjDI 2IhLFER9VhmZitb1YeDDyASFFbVR2MbYu0PNTf23zuo yjpY7IJRNJGPni-71JkkO-XqB1ZgU0dUDsmXb0DcGBQ BsvTV4UgtiTqr0OcCtd1tVMbjooUIh7xp1dp3B7Yu7g nHplWwB75Efb9XGL-jUh_pSVGOn-oGorNYQLgPATu9s zkgE_MtYy2zqkTxKvN3pBQSKdDyobNLPQpwRX_Tv1uo

 Our “Leader and Membership Support” assignment takes on a whole range of activities.

We really love these people, and we think they love us too.

We are working real hard with the Elders and other members to visit everyone in the “group”.” Some have been away and lost for some time, but we are trying to locate and invite everyone to join us. We love the Lord and are happy to do everything we know how.

We love you and think about you every day. You are each in our prayers and we know that a loving Heavenly Father is watching over you.



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One Response to Making Memories

  1. Susan Palmer says:

    Terry and Gayle:
    Once again my heart and soul are filled with joy and amazement as I read your weekly email to
    your family. It is wonderful how I am filled with the spirit of the Holy Ghost as I embellish in my soul those things that you are accomplishing with our beautiful brothers and sisters in Africa. Truly by serving with all of your heart, mind and strength The Lord has blessed you with a deep love for
    these brothers and sisters and it indeed is evident by the words in your message. Thank you for
    sharing these experiences for you are not only building the testimony of those people in Africa but you are also building the testimony and love of our Savior, Jesus Christ for us at home. Continue to enjoy each day of your missionary journey.
    Love, Susan Palmer

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