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June 14, 2014

Dear Family:

I can’t believe the week is coming to an end, so here is the short version:

Brother Mashishi and I met with the principal of the school where we have church and worked out some changes in the lease with our landlord. Things will be better now. We now have enough rooms on the days that we need them, and some time for Seminary and getting everything set up on Saturday for Sunday. Trying to do it before church is a killer.

I met with the Director of the care center where Jimmy stays to try to better understand his finances and costs. He is worried about his saving (settlement from the auto accident that left him disabled) and how long it will last. The government grant he gets for his disability does not cover all his costs each month.

We have some work to do. The people who are handling his trust have not paid the shortage for a year, and it appears that they have been dipping into his funds. How does someone steal from a young man that in a wheel chair on a good day, and most of the time is confined to his bed? It will all work out. The center has an attorney that is on the Board of Directors that is blind and my help us get to the bottom of all this.

Bernard is doing OK. The leg is not moving any better, but he seems in good spirits and 8beuMRHaaiHfQgKUA-1RtBpz_8_a-Phmk5nZmK7wNvQ,vuO3kiVIBcHC28c60o5JYviQpALnCIrxpvY-xCk3idccontinues to work at repairing shoes and cutting hair once in a while. Not sure he can take care of his family while charging $3.50 for a half sole repair and $1.00 for a haircut, but we will see.

Kudzai the 1 1/2 year old is something else. While we were there, she was playing in the dirt with her little friend. As you can see, she wanted to wipe his nose. You can also see, he was not too crazy about that.


Family Home Evening with both Ouma’s family and Sethosa’s family was tender and spiritual. All family members were present and each contributed. We are trying to get to all the families in our group and share the love of the Savior. We are thankful for the opportunity to share in these special moments.

Oums’s sister, Johanna, was taught with her two kids some time ago. Both Jonny who is now 18 and Paula who is now 15 were baptized, but she decided to wait on baptism. We visited her today and she is excited to have us come and meet with her family.

nujtetoE6hkPA5nhuy9Gnc8DkaG96bXbpCTMmW4fwRQ Ruth is coming along with the piano lessons and the fun and laughing that goes along with it.



Rachael is a young lady that Ruth took in and is raising. Her mom died and she had no place to go. Ruth is a schoolteacher and knew Rachael from school. Rachael was baptized no too long ago and is a sweet young lady. She loves her new pearl earrings and she loves mom as well.




Friday was filled with final study on the Institute lesson, picking up some of the kids for Institute, and then teaching starting at 7:00. Institute went well. We had 15 YSA in attendance (that is a new high for us) and our discussion was good. Everyone seemed real happy to be there. No one wanted to leave after the lesson, they just want to visit and visit and visit. This really is a big part their social life.

We had been waiting all day for Nigel to come in from Zimbabwe. His taxi made it here in the middle of Institute, so Mom went with Elder and Sister Winward to pick him up at the depot.

Elder Chirinda was the missionary that saved us when we first got here. More than once, he and his companion came and found us when we were lost and headed us in the right direction. It seems funny now, but at the time it was not so funny. Everything was so different. Getting used to driving on the other side of the road was not too bad, except for the one-way streets and intersections. Defensive driving is a must and it was really hard to understand what the people were saying. Even worse was trying to understand anyone on the phone.

Elder Chirinda would always calm me down and tell me it would get better. He took the time to take us around to meet the members and show us where everyone lived, not just once, but twice because our first GPS got stolen, along with all the information for where everyone lived right after completing the task.

Nigel traveled today all the way from Zim. It took about 8 hours on the taxi and as usual, lots of extra time to pass through the boarder. Why is he here, well here is the deal. After returning home from his mission in April, he started texting Nelly, a young lady here in our area. She was the young lady that went to the temple last time and did work for her mother. She has lived with different relatives since both her parents died.

We met her the first week we were here with Elder Chirinda and we taught her the new member lesson about the temple and family history. She has been so interested and has been gathering the necessary information to do the work for her family. Well, on the way to the church to get her names “temple ready”, I asked her if she had heard from Elder Chirinda. She said, yes. He had started e-mailing her after got home from is mission in April. How often do you hear from him? I asked. Well now, every day. We were surprised, and carefully inquired to see where they were in their friendship. As it turns out, while she had a kind of boy friend, both have strong feelings for each other, but no hope of how to move it forward and living in two different countries.

Mom and I just love both of these kids and felt strongly that we should offer to help. I e-mailed Nigel and told him if he felt that strong, he should move things forward and see where it goes. I then told him we would be filling to give him some help.

Nigel told us that his frustration of knowing his feelings and no way to make them happen was awful. He had been asking the Lord for help and direction. He told us last night that prior to getting our e-mail, the thought come to him that he should ask Elder and Sister Harward. He said that this thought come out of the blue and he was a little startled by it. It was 3 days after that that he received our first e-mail.

The old boyfriend is gone, and they both got their answers confirmed this last week.

I am sure that our calling … “Leader and Member support” includes helping two righteous children of our Father in Heaven become an eternal family. She is 21 and he is 26. Both are humble and always put the Lord first.

We have some challenges, with passports, marriage license from two different countries, working through the LABOLA issues (you know, the 8 cow wife thing) are just a tip of the iceberg. Melding two different cultures and their family tradition’s will be a real learning experience. We know that with the Lords help, all things are possible. We will keep you posted.

Here are a few pictures: The first one of Nelly sitting in the back seat while we drove her Dqpob9055ymdscKGN7vG6WgTDrCK31pT82G31O19chwover to see Nigel. He was transferred from here in Oct. of last year and she had not see him or hear from him until April of this year. She said the butterflies on the drive over to our place were out of control.




There are a couple of “Will you Marry me” photo’s, one of looking to the Savior for His help, one supporting one another, and another having dinner out with Mom and I. o4Qgar33msd66dyd9iNDwhXtuCdVtFP6A9fLA1A3FDM pQtQn1t7u8Jh1SWifdZKIB3EVb_lIY8aC4ZlKRMeHwU WXy-5b4yt59mcMLXn3CZxzTGlgdglAFwmz9NQxz9KZQ T74CNN6TVeMjhHbcsur4jzbpNdn-DO7De5iXPxRu2us P_qNjgrYCOFDWUoLXtDTTXZU7d0K9dIvwI91BDm8OU8 uUHzRNqOCOXxm6mor0yZUhwWdGRKW9qX2azEUdwy8MI

Mom finished up the week with a little hands on cooking lesson for Lebo and Sharon lPi0OtU38ev5xXoUeyqRFxi2JR9n4RhzGTyk-8nLV9gmaking cookies and cinnamon rolls. They all had fun. Mom’s cooking lessons were a first for them.  Mom is more than enough.

Well, got to get to bed. We love you, pray for you and remain, your proud parents.



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