God’s Words Never Cease


July 27, 2014

Dear Family,

It has been a great week filled with all sorts of teaching, training and the joy of seeing others progress in the Gospel. We had dinner with Karen and Andrea (from the Dish) Monday night at their home. Besides enjoying a killer meal, we were able to plant and few seeds of the Savior’s message. We watched a short video on “The Plan of Salvation” and talked about death and how it is part of that plan. It was a very nice evening. They are really nice people. They asked why we wanted to share our message. We told them there was no way we were going to go home not having shared with friends those things that are so precious to us.

Karen & Andrea

The balance of our P-Day was filled with a list longer than I want to admit of things that needed to be done to prepare for the week.

We meet with the Elder’s every Tuesday morning to coordinate our missionary efforts. With lots of help from the members, we are trying to contact each month, every member, rather they are active or not. Having an accounting, how the members are doing and what their needs are is helping us stay focused. The members are “catching the wave” and everyone is working harder. It is noticeable.

On the 4th Tuesday we have PEC & Group Council. Wow, want difference a year makes. Our very first meeting was held at church after our block of meetings. I was a little surprised to see about 25 people seated for our meeting. By way of introduction, I went around the circle asking each person his or her name and calling. It seemed that everyone in the whole group attended by invitation, even some with no calling. Where we meet for church is not ideal, but we make due.


This week for PEC& Group Council, I watched in amazement as President Mashishi conducted this same meeting in Sister Mary’s home with only those attending that should be there. We discussed coordination between the organizations and counseled about the needs of the members and a plan to help them. My heart was full as I watched the Lord’s councils in action. Both Mom and I came home feeling blessed to have a small part in teaching others how everything works. Things were never broken, the leaders had never been taught. Everyone is stepping it up, even the Primary kids.

Seshego Women Primary Kids Bro. Mashishi

Tumi and Matshedso, our investigators, are coming along very well. They are so anxious to learn and continue to amaze us with their understanding and willingness to do whatever is asked of them. To hear them pray could be right out of the scriptures. Their prayers are simple, grateful and full of the Spirit of the Lord. We have not set a date yet for the two of them to be baptized, but probably sometime next month.

Tumi - 1

Mom was a real example of real service this week. She had plans to visit Sister Mary, our Relief Society President and give here a piano lesson. When we got there, Mary was in a dither. The meal she had prepared for the Elder’s dinner had burnt, and she was trying to get everything done, including piano lessons. After piano lessons she still needed to catch a taxi and go to Parent Teacher Conference with her grandson in town.

The service Mary needed was to cancel the piano lessons, deliver the newly cooked meal to the Elders and then take her to meet with the teacher in town. That is exactly what Mom saw needed to get done. Sometimes the best teaching is more about doing, less about talking. Mom is real sensitive to the Spirit and others needs. I have learned to listen to her. She has kept us on the right path, time after time.

Mary and Mom

Our visit with Jimmy this week was enjoyable. I took my power drill and while Mom talked to him, I proceeded to put an old dresser back together. The drawer pulls were either loose or completely gone, and the bottom drawer front was hanging, half on and half off. We laughed and talked for a while and Angie just happened to call while we were at Jimmy’s, so we did a little face time to introduce Jimmy to Angie and Briton.  He has now talked on face time with both Angie, Briton and Nick and Griffin, a while back. Jimmy remembers everyone’s names and really enjoyed the short visits.


Bernard is doing OK. The headaches’ are easing up a little, but I haven’t been able to get him to go to the doctor yet. We had a good visit and dropped off 10 more library books for Lucky to practice his reading. His reading is getting better. Kudzai on the other hands, even with the neighbor boys, rules the roost.


Mary’s, make up piano lesson came today. Mary and Mom must have had a lot of things to go over. They took forever. Mary is planning to take Mom’s place on the piano at church, when we come home. I sat out in the car and read my Institute lesson, so there was no time wasted.

Ouma and her family enjoyed our FHE. The purpose of life and Plan of Happiness is always fun to talk about. Ouma is planning on going to the Temple at the end of next month, and is anxious to learn as much a possible. We are always thrilled to see how far they have come in Gospel learning. They have lots of good questions, and most of the time Simon joins in. Today he was sick.

Ouma & Family

We set up some teacher training for all of our presidencies and teachers in the Branch. We invited Elder and Sister Heyen to come and teach. They are a CES couple that oversees all the Institutes and Seminaries in our area. We were excited in the turn out for Saturday at 3:00. We all need to be taught how to teach in the Lord’s way. Today at church, the teachers were noticeably better, and we had a lot more participation from the class.

Thank for the support from each one of you. While we miss you terribly, we know that our Father in Heaven in watching over you. We also know that we are about His business, serving those whom we were called by Him to serve. It is not by accident that we are here. God put us here and has allowed us to see miracles. He has protected us and watched over us as well.

We love the people that we serve. We can see that same love in their eyes for us and especially the Savior. We are anxious to do all that we can to invite others to “come unto Christ” and do our very best make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

We know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. This is the Savior’s church and it has been restored to the Earth. What a privilege it is to live at this time. God is our Father and we are His children. Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. It is our prayer that each of us do all that we can to make sure we know the Savior. It is not enough to just have a testimony. When we are converted, we go to work, are strictly obedient and share the Saviors message.



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