Families Can Be Together Forever!


August 3, 2014

Dear Family,

Today Adam called me and told me the sad news that my good friend, David Dimick died OI1412268594_DimickDaveeditedof a heart attack. He was 77 years old and lived with his wife, Judy, in Manti. David was one of a kind. He was so fun to be around. He was a man with no pretense. It seems like we have been friends forever. I guess 41 years could seem forever. We worked at Sears together and shared the best of life as the years passed. He lived on a farm in Lake Shore. It was there that he borrowed the office truck to do a little farm work. The Saturday agenda, for him that day, was to burn a little

off the horse field. Good idea, except for the fact that the truck had a small gas leak. I am not sure how long he drove that truck around and around either trying to run out of gas or out run the flames. The charred black area on the side of the truck by the gas tank was a dead give a way when Dave showed up for work. It makes me laugh as I think about Dave around and around the field.

488317l181imageThe four of us, Mom, Judy, Dave and I traveled everywhere from Mexico, to the fields of Gettysburg, Hawaii, California and on to Aruba, to name a few. David and Judy were great company and we loved doing things with them throughout the years.

David, you will forever be missed. We love you. You always had a kind and funny way of making us all happy. Those days we spent together were always fun. You could always be counted on to go with me up to the cabin or just anywhere for the day. I’m not sure you always wanted to go, but you made me feel like you did. I will always cherish your memory, until we meet again, and we will.

Our love and friendship will last into the eternities. I love you.

Your friend forever,







– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -WEEKLY REPORT:

Tumi and Matshedo are moving along well as they prepare for baptism. Their prayers are sincere and powerful. Matshedo has just finished reading Alma. I asked him what has been his favorite part so far.  He told us that he loved the story of Alma the Younger. He said, “I have read that part over and over again.” Not too bad for starting about a month ago. His parents are coming to church tomorrow. Awesome!

We did our inventory of everything we needed for our Helping Hand service project at the Peayanko Elementary School. Most of the desks are falling apart, so we are putting them all back together, tightening all the screws and replacing all the missing bolts. We are also washing all the windows, inside and out. Big job. I hope we have a lot of helping hands.

I had to conduct a 2nd interview for a man in Tzaneen to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. After driving an hour north to Tzaneen, we then drove another 30 minutes to a packing plant where he works. What a great man. He has been a member for about a year. His whole life has changed since his baptism. Our dinner afterwards with Elder and Sister Campbell was really nice. They are just getting adjusted to missionary life.

We traveled up to Haensburg for a surprise birthday lunch for Sister Campbell with all the other Senior Couples. Mom made her a killer birthday carrot cake! She seemed excited to see everyone who came to celebrate her birthday. Each couple is unique in their own way. They come from all over the place and are just as different as can be. Q63eO1gorH2csFxzCZ0Dd87auyq0wNWx0U9EZYCl_fA WegUJZhcjKkb6lA5WpUg4cMHiAW0_j8i5NHQjU0Hlkw

Well, it is audit time again, so here we go. I finished the Polokwane audit this week, and Mokopane is planned for next week. I am getting a little better at it.

After fasting and praying about Patrick and Mary, we were anxious to be guided by the Spirit on what to do to help them both to “Act” and not continue to depend on us to make it all happen for them. After a powerful study of Alma 12 with Patrick this week, we all decided that we would back off on the visits and let him show Mary that it really is about what Patrick wants, not us. Patrick told us he would really miss our discussions. He told us that when we come he feels the warmth of the Gospel. I told him he can find that at church on Sundays.

We are a little tired today. We finally got to bed last night at 2:30 am after teaching Institute and helping Nelly get on the taxi to head for Zim. It is a long-distant transport and because they stop in different places between here and JoBerg, it always takes longer to arrive here for pick up than they say. Well for Nelly, it is time to meet her new mother-in-law. The ride is about 12 hours, but she made it safe and sound.

I though I would include a unique form of transport and great way to gather your CHuWZxgW1lMt6PAXXZ5d1fZgTIb9Hf4lyHFYcwjE5fAfirewood. You are real fortunate if you have one of these. Most of the people either carry their firewood home on their heads, or use a wheel borrow if they are lucky enough to have one.

Mom prepared to teach the children in Venda about telling the truth. She told them a story about a little crab. His name was “Casey the Crab.” Casey started telling just a “little white lie” and before long in order to cover his tracks, lies just kept BUBBLING out of his mouth!

Of course Mom had the bubbles blowing as she told the story. You should have seen the look on the children’s faces. It was truly fun to watch as the lesson was given. We had 3 new children who attended today, so the new high was 20 children. They sing their hearts out. It is amazing to me that these children can sing every word of the songs. The younger ones understand English but don’t speak it very well but they sure seem to do well with the music. I feel so proud of Mom as she teaches these children. I added a picture of the new and improved “out house”. It even has running water to wash your hands. Do you see the bottle of water hanging off to the side. That’s the running water. You can see the old tin “out house” off to the side.

This last week Mom got a phone call from one of the little girls, Judy, who is 11 years old. She was in Durban with her school class on a field trip. We had to miss teaching last week in Venda because of a training meeting we had to attend. Judy called to say she was worried about Mom because we didn’t come to teach them. Once Mom explained about the meeting she said, “oh, Sister Harward now I understand, I miss you and I love you.” These children are so precious. We love them all so much.                        RJeNX4uYfOSK_TWzP2mEoPoSQ2jrO7r-UGrz69WYRZk 5SvFMPyq4IDgMp5a2U1Xtl_OljNwWaUUAl0vG0btmwg gh0XU5YkfYeJhqvsR0V0_GxzIbotkjlx9dqSg1i2K2k MiBACb8S1VNAXHSEmTLt20UTGN_kjsYVVMaeAv0tSgs,PZRr7JrF9Kc6y5McERQARACufdVB9IbzWHWDlCi5s8Q sXX9-SaDkghpPoWazJCjFIcBgVAYIWG3DRepLXQ-4zw 12OFYksRvhamRU92XA8b9chmFqsMFGWufRBm1xI2Du0 7mjmZLIH8suHMnNYcVtPwZ96bqn0IeCJ_MlH5qgxrh0 0fZs6pLgpc1EgLHwYQN8Vv_pf6NSKk5YjpvLcdISI-Y pGBSo0YJwC3o3v5q9zRtvZrDCdOdCVO5jmeUPRSXsxw



I will conclude Saturday with our visit to Jimmy. Here is picture of Jimmy’s Home Teaching assignment list. As you can see, it is taped at the head of his bed on a rolling cabinet, where he can easily see it. He calls them often and recognizes that all the Lord expects is for us to try and do our best.

gEhSY_yReaewripxD9kuLxiMI1yM5z78uSz5VDE15Gw l8r1Ah_85_Mve-WM4x6kGngwlhbwNZ7V1FnsfpCY-Jg

Today, fast Sunday was thrilling. Among others, Matshedo bore his testimony today. Remember, he is one of Mom’s investigators. His mother came to see why he was interested in the Church. She had tear’s in her eyes as he expressed the warm feeling he has when he reads the Book of Mormon. He also expressed how grateful that his mother would come to church with him. After Sacrament meeting, she attended Primary. She loved it and was not bashful telling everyone how much she had learned and needed get her husband to come with her. She said that there was something for everyone, even the children. The primary was well prepared and everyone did a great job.

In church today, we had 8 Melchizedek Priesthood holders beside the 2 that are in process of becoming Elders. I have no words as I watch everything grow and begin to blossom. I told everyone in the Elders Quorum that they needed to be paying an honest tithing and we soon would be able to be a branch of our own.   I am so grateful to the Lord for all of his tender mercies and the miracles we have witnessed.

Thank you for your love and association with Dave Dimick. I know he felt like you were family. Adam is buying a small gift for Judy for our Family.

We love you so much and see your devotion to your Father in Heaven. Be patient, he is listening to each prayer. It is just that He is giving us the time to learn what we need to help our family get back to live with Him. His blessing and promises are sure, just do your part.

MORMON MESSAGE:     “Families can be together Forever”







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2 Responses to Families Can Be Together Forever!

  1. So sorry to hear about the death of your dear friend. Life is too short, thank goodness we have another one. Trek was great. Tony and Marcie hit it out of the park! I can’t say enough good about the experience all of us had. Miss you guys but we’re so proud of the work you are doing.

  2. Cheryl Wendelboe says:

    Actually that last comment was from me, Cheryl. My daughter in law’s account was on the computer so it posted her as the one who left the comment. Sorry 🙂

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