August 10, 2014

Dear Family:

Yesterday we made our weekly trip to Venda. I have been trying since General Conference to get a set of Conference CD’s so we can use our travel time to listen to counsel from our PtQsGxzp4_r9onQ6OGAELvzVovVmsBAJwGfX2AXFUHgleaders. With a little desperation, I decided to try something, so here it is. Use the DVD’s that I have, and play them on my CD player attached to my laptop connected to my little speaker box. Is that a run-on sentence? I know that is not really too high tech, but I remember going to a parade in Provo where “Jerry’s Auto & Glass”, or something like that, sponsored this cool car of the future setup where they had mounted a turntable in the trunk with speaker attached. It was really cool, just like my set-up.

As usual, as we bumped along the dirt road in Venda, the kids come running from everywhere. We have to admit, this part makes us always really happy. Some come with shoes, some without, and some with what ever they have.

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We forgot the white board, so we improvised and did the best with what we could find, and just stuck some of the pictures to the window. I think Mom and I are getting a little better at adapting. “If you don’t bend, you break”, really. For sure you will be less miserable.

After a sweet prayer, that always helps, Mom started teaching the kids the Primary song “I feel my Saviors Love”. With Grandpa Ruben and all 17 kids seated, we ran out of both room and chairs, so I stood in the doorway and listened and watched. As I turned to look over the valley, the open fire kitchen, and homes near by, I felt this overwhelming feeling of gratitude knowing we were about our Father in Heavens business.

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He knew where to send us and where we could share with others, who wanted to listen to a message of love from the Savior of the World. The kids sang so loud, I could hardly even hear the CD in the background. Mom is the best. She teaches with such love and conviction. I watch the expressions on the children’s faces and even Grandpa’s as they listen Mom’s stories. Coloring, playing games, and of course a treat at the end is also a hit. kcoipoLzpQulvxcz-U08LxEpyoQAxOPC0s3F5PfO5lI MrjogAHCR-qULpRxtdGYnhmgUzn6WSzYBEPlce3ulrU VYd_PQ8yMv66paZdQyewpCUiJ7etbLuyxDzVPlnRHcc aKHUSarqC3C4nBRjwoiO45yUrq-IKZ332vmTA8czSZI

I finished up my last audit in Mokopane this week. I left Mom with Jennie while Elder lwwWZgReIXyqu-M8LGlALO0Dz3-1uADKR_zlB6FwxfUBrammer and I went over to their church building. They said they studied the Old Testament, but I’m not so sure about that.  We always enjoy ourselves when we are able to spend some time with them.

We spent some time with Bernard and his family. We took over a few food items, and among them was some yogurt. Kudzai was beside herself until she found her favorite food. Lucky’s reading is HsRX1csWtWd-pjoLiQrq0eKdmBR_opwOeroMIF6w5bkcoming along great. He read us the letter Jamison had written with great satisfaction. We dropped off 10 new library books and everyone was happy. Bernard said to Mom that he didn’t know how to thank us for helping Lucky learn how to read. He was so proud of Lucky as he read the letter to us. Bernard goes in to get the results of his tests this Tuesday. We are anxious to see if he can get rid of the headaches.




August weather is in the low 70’s with lots of wind. K8zQQfDQ6pQKSsI-Wy8PblvOb9JQHrYSIZXxIJnFafkMom and I are trying to do a little more walking. Here is a picture of some of the trees in our complex. It is a great place to walk. Not too may cars, private streets and safe. We are just coming out of winter, so we are seeing some flowers and blooms already.




It was Hope’s baptism today in Polokwane. She has been living with a member couple and has a sweet testimony. I felt bad for her. She was cold before she got in the water. The “geezer” (hot water heater) does not really work and the water was freezing. Mom played on the church piano, so she was in heaven. She said it was so much nicer than our keyboard in Seshego.

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With only a few cars we tried to get everyone over from Seshego to support Hope at her baptism. Here are some of the YSA girls that attended. Nobody is too proud. I have seen some of these small trucks with 18 people in the back, so as you can see, we had plenty of room.

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This week we celebrated our year mark with a little sushi. Teaching Tumi for baptism was great, lots of other visits are always meaningful. Mom gave Nolo a picture frame that needed to have tiles and stones glued on it. It was a great little project for her to work on. She put a picture in it of us with her. She was pleased and so were we. Agnes got her pearl earrings today. She is helping us with Matshedeso and does a great job with the Young Women.

IfdsS6KPq1_DCW0xIeF11MlgdkG0f4LLZRJ2x5u2caM sOLXr_ixr9MORheDYC-CKn75PV4bCrq4WgbKaSP7-_I bZtQbdVD7u9gE01zyPsPbtinvHAWaGyLmMg13-p1yGU jgz-x1HS8-LsxbwmuTWEIQFvgMpuvOHuCJ2yGnrxNjQ cmnHDpWE4YJpd51ogKN1x5dxAQl99r6ofxDacS9iN1k YIy4d2S9uK8Kke2uiQaUyW5zhBAWVTyHIn4kccPb6kA

Well, you can’t have a wedding without a wedding dress, so part of Thursday was you guessed it, shopping, or in my case, keeping myself busy. I will give it to Nelly, she knows what she wants, so it was all good. Her excitements as we found the right dress was fun to be a small part of the thrill. This was a real treat for Mom.

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Know that we love you, think about and pray for you every day. We know each of you have challenges. Just do your best, your very best and the Lord will do the rest. We know that.



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One Response to Venda

  1. Susan Palmer says:

    I certainly enjoyed talking to you the other day. Like I said on the phone you are such an amazing missionary couple and the people’s whose lives you have touched will forever remember the many good things that you have done for them. Even though after you return home you may never see them again in this life they will be your forever friends in the eternities to come. I am so excited to see what has transpired in your missionary service each week when I read your letters. The book that you make when you return will be one of your pros termites most fond memories. May you continue to see the kind and tender mercies of our Heavenly Father each day. Susan Palmer

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