Chairs are full


September 20, 2014

Dear Family:

I want to share the feelings of last Sunday as we watched the chairs fill up for church. We had old faces and some new ones, lost for a time, but not forgotten. Since most of the members walk to church, they trickled in one and two at a time. With the new chairs we added, the room is now set up almost to the back. We were thrilled to see 70 of the chairs filled. George and Pricilla came with their two boys. What a surprise, what a blessing. We have been working with them for over a year and the Elders have been faithful in visiting them weekly. We are humbled as we watch the vineyard grow. In the past 2 months we have added 3 strong new families. Each family is lead by an active Melchizedek Priesthood holder and each has a CAR. The Lord sends us on His errand where he needs us to be and He is always by our side. We are never alone.

A visit to Primary was almost overwhelming. Check the “then and now pictures.” Mom started with 4 children, and yesterday the number was 24. She has leaders trained and the Primary is functioning just as it should be. The Sisters have risen to the task. You show the children love and they respond by bringing their friends with them to church.

2013-09-01 02.27.11 copy 2014-09-14 11.16.00 copy

After church we got everyone set-apart that will be serving in a new calling and we all headed over to Sister Christina’s home. She had most of the group over for lunch to celebrate Tumi’s baptism. All 5 cars were packed along with one bakkie (truck). I mean really packed. It was so fun to see everyone sitting under two shade trees visiting in groups and enjoying each other’s company.

Everyone is “Hastening the Work” and the feeling is undeniable. It felt like a Big Family Reunion. There were a lot of smiles, laughs and love.

After that, I had to conduct an interview for Joyce Molepo. What a great lady. She is so excited to be a member of the Church with Gwen and Martha, her sisters, and other members of their family. We really love the Molopo Family. I guess I will be doing the baptism honors next week. I don’t think there is much hope for anything but cold water. The geezer (hot water heater) is still not fixed. How hard can it be to just get it repaired or replaced? Oh, well, I will leave that alone for now.

The songs for the Primary Program, in a few weeks, are coming along very well. The program is all written and parts have been passed out to the children. Here is a small peak of how well the kids are doing with the songs. KoKo (grandma) wanted to be in the picture, but she did OK since she only learned the songs by listening to her grandkids at home.

Six months ago we got permission from the Mission President and Area leaders to take a short trip to Cape Town. The Brammers are having their 45th wedding anniversary, so we are looking forward to a short get a way with them.

After a 3-½ hours drive and a 2-hour flight, we arrived in Cape Town, at the southern tip of Africa. We crowded a lot into a few days, so here we go.

Table Top Mountain was awesome. After making you way up to the base of the mountain, you take a gondola to the top. The views were out of this world.

2014-09-16 08.45.46 2014-09-16 08.52.52 2014-09-16 08.58.09 2014-09-16 08.59.51 2014-09-16 09.11.39 2014-09-16 09.18.16 2014-09-16 09.28.10

The city tour was filled with some colorful homes, narrow streets, and a visit to the noon gun made the rest of the day fun. You can set your watch by the old war cannons that have been marking noon for over 100 years. While on the wharf we walked by an old boat in need of some work. It reminded me of some of the remodels I have lost money on.

2014-09-16 10.27.55 2014-09-16 11.58.49 2014-09-16 15.46.29 2014-09-17 17.31.45 2014-09-17 17.58.54

We spent one-day checking out District #6, where the government moved out lots of people as they tried to separate the people according to the color of their skin. As you can see by some of these pictures, it did not work out so well. Here are some pictures of the shantytown we visited. The local tavern was smoky, but the people were friendly. Adam, you will be happy to know that the big metal storage containers are used everywhere for some of the local business.

2014-09-17 11.12.022014-09-17 12.00.022014-09-17 11.45.342014-09-17 12.00.18

The rest of that day we spent going to Robben Island, the prison where Nelson Mandela spent 27 years. The one-hour boat ride out was a little rough since it was raining. The one picture shows his cell, complete with furnishings. Just roll your bedroll out on the floor, and if you need to use the bathroom, the reddish colored bucket is what they had to use.

2014-09-17 15.47.29 2014-09-17 16.08.232014-09-17 14.49.22

I put in a few pictures of some of the wildlife along the way.

2014-09-18 10.22.36 2014-09-18 11.40.01 2014-09-18 12.13.15

Our hotel was convenient to the Wharf and really nice. I have to admit, the beds were killer. We were able to eat out and celebrate the Brammer”s anniversary with them. They are always so fun to be with.

I think they take us with them for laughs. While parked in front of the airport terminal, I told Elder Brammer I would walk over and see where we needed to go, as they waited.

A white car pulled in right in front of where we were parked. I found out the needed information, turned and walked back to share what I had learned. I got in the car, but the car was empty. Quickly, well, kind of quickly, I figured out that the man standing outside the driver side door was not Elder Brammer. My mind quickly reviewed my options. Should I jump out, and try to explain why I was in his car? No, I decided. I will act like I know what I’m doing and when he gets in I’ll just ask him the directions to Terminal B.

Elder Brammer said he shouted at me, but seeing that I did not hear him he got back in the car and told Mom and Sister Brammer to watch, “this should be good.” We all had a good laugh even though I was totally embarrassed. Did I really do that?

NOTE TO BOYS: Dad is still as sharp as a tack, so don’t think you can get anything over on him. OK, let finish up.

Last, but certainly not least was our visit to the Cape of Good Hope. This is the southern most point in all of Africa. The road along the side of the ocean was beautiful. Even riding along the side of the mountain with the half tunnels and winding roads was great. The tram up to the top of the mountain was quick and painless. The walk down was a little harder with the strong winds and rain. My choice to walk down left us more than a little damp.

2014-09-18 09.32.41 2014-09-18 09.39.21 2014-09-18 09.39.46  2014-09-18 10.56.49 2014-09-18 11.01.11 2014-09-18 11.26.392014-09-18 10.53.27

We were able to do some missionary work along the way, as we talked with people, but it was time to get back to Seshego.

You are always in our prayers, and we know that our Father in Heaven is mindful of our needs and yours. I guess if I have learned anything it is our journey through life does not have to be alone. Going through life alone is a choice.

We love you.


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