Heavenly Father hears your prayers, loves you, and He knows your name- Pres. Eyring Oct. 2014 G.C.


October 5, 2014

Dear Family:

Early in the week, Bernard called and said his mom had come to see the family from Zim. G5XWKgNVNFiFOpiJk1qtPwxnOsGDM1VSA5oD8ARL3u0I told him we would be out after Mom got done with piano lessons. It was fun to meet her. Not sure how much English she spoke, but Bernard really wanted us to meet her and she seemed happy to finally meet us.

After a few minutes, we went outside to visit privately with Batsirai. She was as happy as we have ever seen her. She said, “He answered my prayers, I got a job. You won’t believe it 120 rand a day – 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. She went on thanking Mom for the many times she had “wiped away her tears”. She went on speaking a mile a minute. “What are we going to do without you, when you go home. You have made it so my stomach has not gone to bed hungry. We love you so much and I want to buy you something”. Mom said, no, you don’t need to buy us anything, all we would really like is for you to write down a small amount of your feelings and testimony.

“Oh”, she said, “I want to write a very big amount. I don’t want you to ever forget us. We don’t know how to tell you how we feel”, she said. “God heard my prayers. He answered them, like everyone else says in testimony meeting. He answered me. I am so happy. I can feed my family, even after paying transport to Polokwane so I can go to work”.

 GIL4VR6C28IX-3NkPE55cKtV3YFWsV2-F6VzzYhyG5AMom told her how nice she looked at church last Sunday. She said, “you know, I need to look better for work too. I just love to get up early for work. The boss said that she trusts me and really likes how I work”.

 As we listen to the tenderness of her feelings, we are grateful to be a small part of her life. We love these people. How grateful she was for a job, any job, to feed her family. Wow, this experience was like a great big payday for us. We love being missionaries.

It was really warm the other day. We are coming into spring, with warm days and less 2OxBy5FPi4VSYc_qkHxI5XJAtqPIhQkSxPzEMb65PWowind. The day I took this picture it was in the mid 70’s, but seems that the year round clothing here includes: a coat for sure, long warm socks with slippers, and a towel wrap always and often times a beanie. They really would not like the winter weather in Utah.

Last Sunday we had a few of the kids over for Sunday Dinner. Our guests included, Nelly, Mamie, Khomotso, and of course Wilmer, one of Mom’s piano students. There were no complaints about the food and it is always fun to sit and visit. I am a little worried about them. Maybe they have nothing better to do than sit and visit with the old folks. However, we did not complain. It reminds us of home with everyone coming over after church, or even better, having dinner with us.

n3IzyVraPtwii3OqblN_mT_DCBiygEVftnYkyxXhI0I 7KsNH4tgx-pH_umVugQbrBKRpYB04UZzN9zBagaBfGg

We had a good laugh as we come home from Seshego one afternoon this week. As I drove B08Xh2S8TzP8WFy9LyYg2Yh4C4xFYNMtw6TwGWSSeYIup behind this trailer, I said to Mom, “are you kidding me? This looks like us on our way to Monticello 45 years ago”. I think they have used some of Verlan Hogue’s packing techniques.

Mom was at the drug store this week and the lady at the check out counter asked her if she was a minister. Mom said no, “I am a missionary”. The lady took her own hand and made a circle around her face and head and said, “Oh she said, I could tell you are of God by the glow of your face.” Mom said thank you , what a kind thing to say and the lady continued. “I can even hear it in your voice”. Mom told me that she had been praying that the light of Christ would be evident as we worked. As Mathew 5:14 says, “…that light will shine forth that others will praise and glorify God.” Mom thought maybe it was just her white hair in an effort to down play what was said. The Lord does hear and answer our prayers.

Today was Fast Sunday for us, while you were having General Conference. We missed the “Monkey Bread” and sitting on the couch watching conference. Our format is little different. We will be able to watch conference in a couple of weeks. After we receive the CD’s, we will have two sessions of conference with a short lunch period in between repeated for 3 Sundays. Everyone is excited to receive specific direction for the next 6 months. We are anxious to listen to the brethren and feel of their spirit.

Today after church, with the help of every one that had a car, we gathered everyone up and drove to Polokwane for Katlego’s baptism. What a great young man. He has been coming to church for some time now, including Institute and everything else. While he will be the only member of the Church in his family, all of his family came and supported him. They were really pleased with his decision and choice of friends. Watching Katlego share a powerful testimony was tender to watch. The Lord’s Kingdom is growing.

L5vsqYUWbtpbZlzhRG01Gr2t0C6LcAGrdVmygWkj_vQ,4vcM19BlkFGkuj4__Clp4fQLQzUMgU8MEnbIs6letlw yoVy_y81dj13s59SrA7vOKHjyLR_hkEy6q7dVQbwzPU


What is most important?

This video will help us put everything in prospective.


We love and miss you so much.



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