Families are Forever


October 10, 2014

Dear Family,

This week we decided to take our P-Day and share it with Ouma and her family. Since everyone had the week out of school, the choices were wide open. We found Ouma at Grandma’s ironing, and both Mamie & Khomoso, sitting at home bored. How can that be? How can you possibly be bored on the first day of your week break?

You don’t have to come up with things out of the ordinary to be a big hit. Miniature Golf and McDonalds was the choice of the day. I threw in a few pictures we took with the different cultural dress at McDonalds.

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It was so much fun. Ouma and the kids had never ever been miniature golfing and did not have a clue how to even hold the club, or which side of the club to hit with. From the looks of the pictures, we aren’t really sure how to stand while hitting the ball either.

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We laughed, and laughed and then laughed some more.  We played a little African music to get things going. Everyone, including Ouma (44 years old this week) knew every word, so a giant sing a-long ensued. Kind of like the old skiing days headed up to Park City for a day in the snow (remember kids?)

Teaching the Gospel needs to include laughing and loving. We are having a lot of experiences with that. It’s great.

Our coordination meeting with the Elders is always insightful and this week was no exception. We are anxious to make sure with the help of all the members; every member has some sort of contact with the church each month. We are doing pretty well, with 91% contacted for this last quarter.

We spent some time training our Group Leader, President Mashishi and Brother Sefara what to do with the written reports. Wow, these two can’t seem to get enough. They always take notes, and have lots of questions.

Mom and I have been studying and reading the Old Testament. It has been wonderful learning about Moses, his trials and trying to get the children of Israel to follow the Lord. It really did not seem to matter how many miracles they experienced, they were too busy complaining about the good old days and life in Egypt. It’s no wonder why the Lord let them wonder for 40 years. They needed a little attitude adjustment.

I guess some of us don’t really learn too fast. Without having faith first, the miracles in our lives don’t have the same impact. The miracles of the parting of the Red Sea, manna from heaven every day, and even the Lord leading by day in a cloud and pillar of fire at night faded away when the children of Israel did not get what they wanted when they wanted it.

Throughout the ages, the Lord has given us Prophets to lead the way. I hope we don’t have to take 40 years, like the Israelites; to figure out there is only one way that leads to happiness.

We have been able to listen to some of conference. It was powerful. It has made me stop and consider, “Which way do I face”?

Mom has been promising all the younger boys in the Primary a Boys -day out seeing the gCLSmqGAFzvUCmWuY9TsNPEg-yhANDabEammfTgSYiImovie “Planes: Fire and Rescue”. So with school out and an early matinee available, sounded like a good idea to us. The pizza afterwards just finished things up.  I think Mom forgot for more than a minute and pretended she was sitting there, 3D glasses on, with Ryan, James, Christian, Briton, Jude, Chandler, Griff. August, Nicholas, Oliver and there was no way she could leave little Graham out.

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I know Mom has started planning her girl’s late night. Mom has already purchased the movie “Frozen” and a special party pack of “Frozen” stickers, coloring sheets, game cards and toys for each of the little girls. The pajama party will be so much fun with popcorn and a time to do “nails” here at the flat. It is not too far in the future, that we will be back home to do all these things with you. We love each of you so much.

Well, the big Primary Program is this Sunday. Mom has been getting everything ready for weeks now. Invitations are all out, programs prepared and printed, treats for the after party. We should have lots of friends and neighbors that do not belong to the Church on Sunday, since their children have been coming to Primary for months now. They know all the songs and have their parts learned. Like all big events, we are excited, but anxious to get it over with. I am sure it will be the best ever. We will give you a report later.


We just returned from Elder and Sister Winward’s flat. They were so kind and let us do a batch of whites and have a shower.

(Showering…It’s like you just turn on the knob and as much water as you need comes out of this faucet. You can even get all the soap out of your hair). What a dream. No boiling water and using a measuring cup to get enough water on you but not wasting any either. What a luxury! Some days are like a big camp out.

At midnight, we heard the gurgling sound of WATER FILLING THE PIPES. Mom said, “hurry, quick, get up, let’s get the sinks and toilets cleaned and scoured, maybe even do another batch of washing while we have water.” The fresh smell of Clorox fills the “flat”. Sweet. Mom and I were up until 2:00 cleaning, doing laundry – – it felt good to have everything clean again. Surprising how you take WATER for granted! We were expecting a nice warm shower the next morning – – but NO – – the water was off again for 2 more days.

Martha Molepo is having her baby blessed tomorrow. She is such a sweetheart and Thato is a cute little boy.


It was sweet last night being able to be there (kind of) for Christian’s baptism. Face Time is awesome. Christian, we are so proud of you. Both Nana and I could sense what a strong spirit you have. You looked just like a little missionary in your new suit! Ceciley, the music was tender and made us cry. You play the violin beautifully. It was fun seeing everyone as Adam panned around the room showing us all the family that was there to support Christian.

Today was Primary Program 2014. A years worth of effort and it was well worth it. Easy lPeQkvTQtVsyyqPGcZ28HViUQ_Fexrk73z3FfWp0cW4for me to say, Mom did all the work. The smiles from the kid’s parents and everyone in the audience told it all. As the littlest of the children lined up in front and sang, “I have two little hands”, with actions, made me smile so big and the tears swelled up in my eyes. We were proud of the 17 children as they stood up one at a time and gave a short message about what makes a “Forever Family.” Most of the children had their parts memorized. As proud as I was of each of them, I was really proud of Mom.

She wrote the script, and throughout the year she taught the teachers how to teach, both in words andfyKyB4jh70vhKblNGg7TBHXEQUs8n1Axe6wPN1AoEoo-1

song. No Grammy award winning performance would be complete without an “after party.” So, after a sharing time lesson on the “Family Proclamation”, the party was on. From the pictures, it seems that a few of the adults were confused about the age limit restrictions.


As you can see by the pictures, the Elders and myself just happened to drop in to see how everyone was doing just about the time lunch was being served! Also, several of the Moms and Koko wanted to stay for the sharing time and party – – well, who wouldn’t want to stay?

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We are so grateful for families. Our Father in Heaven really knew what He was doing when He let us learn and grow together in Families. We think our family is the best. We want to thank each of you for who you are and what you do. We are so proud of each of you.




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