Lord, where can I be of most service?


October 25, 2014

Dear Family,

The week has been full of training our leaders. They are anxious to learn, so we started on Tuesday with the Relief Society, Sister Mary Lamola and her presidency, Wednesday with the Elders Quorum Presidency and finished up on Thursday with our Group Leaders. Some of the practices we take for granted, are new to them. When you tell them how to share the workload and multiply their efforts, they are so excited and enlightened.

I think Moses had a similar experience, until he asked for help and was told to call 70 Priesthood holders to help. As we look to the end of our mission experience, we are trying to work where we hope to bless the most people. I’m not sure they have ever had Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching Districts, printed lists and even lists to hand out to each of the companionships.

Most of the members do not have computers or printers. They have been using hand written lists. If they do not have a pen, they find a pencil somewhere. Their notes are in small school booklets like you would take to school. We don’t realize how good we have it.

Now we have everyone assigned, and printed lists, we can enter them on the computer at the church in Polokwane. Future changes can come from there where the church pays for the paper, has the equipment to keep things up to date, and provide printed lists.

We finally got everything arranged and the contractor is finally getting started on Vg0pPHxGyqSDE9LSNvvrI-wfjEUnk36suxSclDr9Uj0finishing Nigel and Nelly’s flat. Johanna is so excited. She is Ouma’s sister. I am sure you have seen Ouma in our letters.  You have seen pictures of her when we took her to the Temple, or had FHE with her family, or maybe you remember the pictures when we took them miniature golfing a couple of weeks ago. Johanna has three children. Her children include her son Jonny 19, No No, a daughter 16, and another daughter that is 5.

Johanna is a sweet sweet lady. Both Jonny and No No have been members of the Church for about 2 years. Johanna lost her husband in an auto accident this last May, so she is trying, as best she can, to bring up the kids by herself.

She is policeman on the riot squad. So, she is often called out to a trouble area and comes home only when things have calmed down and are under control. That could take her away for 4 or 5 weeks at a time. She really wants Nigel and Nelly to be like family and keep an eye on her family. Having them live almost in the same house will make that nice for everyone.

2ZfYaw5Cjr8yQlhLA9c4vjBgwsac80AjAiXM5M1DzlI-1Johanna has family in Seshego, but this will be even better. Nigel and Nelly’s flat is located right behind Johanna’s house, but completely self-contained. They had it built some time ago, but with the death of her husband, it never was completed.

We are all thrilled that this is working out. The finish work will take about 3-4 week. The finish comes complete with a “geezer” to give you hot water, a private bathroom with shower, and even a kitchen sink to wash your dishes. Nigel and Nelly really did not expect all the extras. The finish is not coming any to early.

c5S0k0cWsGQbBywixoUfdemgS15gjIdsaxQzklqw3XQNigel and Nelly will be getting married on December 5th, just a couple of weeks after the finish deadline, and that is if there are no problems. The Lord has His hands in all sorts of things. In this case, we are certainly sure about His help in this situation.  Their wedding date is coming quickly, so Moms finishing up a few of the important details.


9rQ2bA1ujadKdOQDGtSYKIyvKBf43yojytKRZbgOwlw SA2SIUVhp7D1FeGfUJlp9dPYljn8xXJnjalOW0kKkgE

This week was Maggy’s birthday. If you remember a birthday here, everyone is thrilled peL2TqoGSeZc8Dt-XTJXTVacA0Fg2Ftn6EETlR4dENMand Maggy was just that.  No, Mom is not tracting. After going around back, Maggy sent us to the front door. In most cases, you never use the front door. They find is much safer to use the door around the back of the house. Often when you go inside, you find the family has furniture blocking the front door.







Today the Young Single Adults wanted to get all the kids from Seshego, Polokwane and the University of Limpopo together for a party. They all belong to this Branch. Church activities are about the only social they have, so when they are able to pay for transport and get together, they have a great time.

We had pizza, they played a few board games and they played some games outside. It was great to watch them. They had a great time together. Mom and Sister played hostess of course.

xyZ8XWKHKV0icj0jtMa5Hq3fYVq98TNAiPQo3j45juM c5tOiCsRIJps97dgnogqi1KHFzg7TzV9idpnhaaJ9f0

The YSA have not been willing to move those of the opposite sex out of the “friend zone”. They are so afraid of loosing their best friends, if they show a little interest in each other. Gee, sounds like the same old story, different country.

qTMMfi72TA4UIkmMpZCujCOwX4ax6fm0reDPqkOlGAc aIb568z53xgmSwlKYkXqQyWP3An0uL784NR7nusHR70 Anpun_xFiX9zYz63sq_SfBLPpdXLj_0y7qVhbA0_03M 9m52G35SvQ0VHikyp4FfmTtmcI6O6G1yp59i8u8LCFU Ur0z8mNqysJQJLMitfjJrEjUq_UVt0Dn8OAVr6VRy04



We have been working with them for some time now, so I guess we will see if they take our advice and do something about what we have suggested.

I have been concerned about transportation when we get home. So, I have my eyes wide open just checking out the options. They other day I think I found it. It runs on 4 cylinders (kind of) and comes in different body styles. This one was the hard body.

c6OtnPYIH1pJKpNgzk_53cdvLpp35Iyku04vFIlgCjM r9V-eT355wn1L0uQiXylCSa9LI_pvHAowtNQUFvDJxA I watched a new Mormon Message they other day. Considering the early part of Paul’s life, check out his commitment to the Savior and assessment of his life as he had finished his time here on Earth. We pray that we will be able to say the same.

MORMON MESSAGE: “I Have Kept the Faith”

We love you all so much. We are proud to be part of your family.



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One Response to Lord, where can I be of most service?

  1. Betty says:

    Thanks so much for letting us share – we love you guys. We a re here getting all the paper work for our visas. A ton of detail as I’m sure it was for you. Looks like February or so before we can go. Hope to see you before we leave. Love Ron and Betty

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