November 2, 2014

Dear Family,

Today’s Fast and Testimony meeting was really good, at times and at other times followed the guidelines mentioned in the second paragraph of Elder Dallin H. Oaks conference talk of some time ago. As we watched, we decided that maybe some more training was in order.


ELDER DALLIN H. OAKS –Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

“A testimony of the gospel is a personal witness borne to our souls by the Holy Ghost that certain facts of eternal significance are true and that we know them to be true. Such facts include the nature of the Godhead and our relationship to its three members, the effectiveness of the Atonement, and the reality of the Restoration”.

 “A testimony of the gospel is not a travelogue, a health log, or an expression of love for family members. It is not a sermon. President Kimball taught that the moment we begin preaching to others, our testimony is ended”.

Sister Joyce Molopo saved our meeting. She was baptized just about a month ago. Her testimony was short, powerful, and full of the Spirit. Thank you, Joyce.

Mom and I have learned to conserve water like you can’t believe. This morning about 5:00 am we could hear the water coming back on. We have been without it for three day. As we all know, you must seize the moment when it comes.

Didn’t we have this same conversation just last week?

Sorry, back to the story. The big problem is having enough water to flush the toilets, so this time I filled the bathtub before the water run short. In a rush, the bathroom got cleaned, the washing complete, and just in time. This morning, we had no water. Oh well, today is the 4th day of our weekly campout. When the heating the water to take shower gets old, we can always head over to Elder and Sister Winwards’ flat. They live close and always make us feel welcome.

We had some really good Family Home Evenings this week. We use “Mormon Messages” that we have downloaded and Mom usually takes a treat.

Ouma, Simon and family really got into the 3-messages from Elder D. Todd Christofferson on “Daily Bread”.

Mhpo watched “Spiritual Crocodiles” by Elder Packard. I asked her about the spiritual crocodiles in her life, and with the tears in her eyes, the Spirit took over from there, as we counseled her. That was a sweet experience.

This week we were able to go to a couple of birthday parties. The first one was for Kudzai with Bernard and Lucky. She is the magic 2 years old and a handful. The party was short, but very appreciated.

K1pgUqrspk35wAHkSIx7BNo1ZIg2IsVA7SanegXyWEI  3hnA4DjlJTqvURwyGfd5_jMaKOkY6mVVVdXOWentVL4 Jhiv2YgSTUZqj_bi5USefHWor3VE75YwMgcafbpBHvYk9uW3I4WU5IHoX2Nlr8MwTG3vH_tXuvhLbBqjA7mCIg

The other party was in Venda. After Mom got done teaching 23 kids at Ruben’s place this week. Judy, one of the kids, said their mom wanted us to stop by their home. They had been waiting for us to start a party for her younger brothers birthday. We were real short of time because we had to drive 2 hours and teach Institute, but the 30 minutes we stayed was fun watching the kids all dance and the garage decorated for the real deal.

UjkppBgVEPLr2iqSkIW-XjQckYF7umoftBh_j9_6sps LjBZchcVx9fvqKtAmIf7RQf7SAhEbylb-V4JH7RJBns

Mom taught the kids about the scriptures and the importance of exercising spiritual strength daily. It was so hot in the little house, we took the games outside. The kids split into 3 groups and as Mom read their scripture, they had made up hand motion that went along. They had a lot of fun.

Xs9asBm1SNV0RL1lqNN7v4GIpyrB4F6cqSiuWSPkSIE 3bGWBDe_L84OeupfSsZUANuL3kv7DfQ69q1fUmlXass 0Nql0s5DXfM6vaCwzA7dd1nv0qWjHGC5kN8oKJU1i8Y olYDGzEFgITFoggyX1ysP3xvSYaPK8YdmpideZy-tmU,lBRH9ID2-7c01BxIKb8yJvaH_tdyBfNI-LxrjoheJ58

Nigel’s remodel is coming along. A couple of misplaced doorways are being moved. Rough plumbing is in place, and the bathroom is starting to take shape.

kxxcJL3J7yVV-tcrXnV5wWgu1ZYSxqfat4Tt7lmQKjA sv8yqtwSl8RdQxNfVr53WjR-wVety43obTIE5kOXACc h2Tu1OgkLojvhwnBbbNLEuQxpdgVwG7kfL9qyDzuKQY

Our visits to Ouma and Simon were more than just FHE, early in the week. Khomotso made a little self- adjustment, which proved to be disastrous. A loose bolt allowed the derailer to almost fall off the bike. Khomotso is a big boy, and has lots of strength, so he tried with all his might to just peddle harder after the part had moved out of alignment.

The derailer ended up in the spokes and Khomotso ended up in the dirt. Not sure where we go from here on the bike. The bike is only about 3 weeks old. He was so sad and all his mom could to think to do was “call the Elders”. They responded as quickly as possible and showed up at the same time as we did.

6LaOQz7ibKHtU_i_S9AJykqrLoNb9cpchGlw1Uguj7s tj4Xm6i0C8myjrYrpRyBImyF7In307m-7IJXhxJTJew

After seeing the very sad boy, we drove home, grabbed the first aid kit and the racecar set we had bought last year for the Elders to play at Christmas and headed back over. The bike still needs some help from the shop, but Dr. Mom fussed over him, patched up the big scarp on his leg and we put together the car racing set. A few smiles returned, so mission accomplished.

SiZk-K0UIn7jy55i7CWGczL1MtbnvrH8s9OJwYqCQSo AovpI0qvwxGmX1OG1W7azr4A-p67G7hZgeb1Y4CwihU UNaQuEVq6T8PwuKocf0YyJZezyFHCR2Ma1XMujT5UPY

For P-Day Sister Winward wanted to drive to Tzaneen, visit the Coach House for lunch and visit the candy factory. So, the Bramer’s came up, and two of the couples serving in the Tzaneen, the Campbell’s, and Heyen’s came to meet us. The candy looked wonderful. We bought a little, but are saving it for a special time. How do you like our sporty head nets.

K2wYYyCkJeMb_bLs-CtTCVmGsSrox5j95PFS5S9cn-w fweZhFR3qDwKmyf-lB7I6Jv9vjkjCVTm2TSzRq63npo vzzpTN5Xi_bfdaMKnPzWRQGDN0b0xZ-Bg2FRVXoAaEE vGGSyl_d0NbbwYL2xA5D04fFkfS09vh67Z73R8fZR8k

Wow, what a place. It looked inside like an old Irish pub and the views of the grounds and valley across the road were beautiful.

JrqD5p_XLXNm6V2co76kYZtmkkxJ94bjjkzkJb3bUUk iog5SrkO86LeJqbYx4Y4nUdQ7xVqMF05ojSWWB5q4no  Ci6eq83OxEZo4ay6qAQcM0muTlFdBWQsQ4SbqpAqAF0,tdDtAEgOwRsiHd22u7hntljbRawgGKRyDSHILgTqi64KIYHmZEhPb6KTZkEtCeAi6Xb7oy4D9U69pHruAl0OVkyX1WTuY6ZB0nJjSJMRLhTRbGzKVeUenNN9PI2_HCag4fZGjuQ6getiTyb_tvpTsItR2WBDNn0518BFfY3WLKf4_8bn8E16fQQf588YI03d4IWVCZ5H0A4OXUjUaYP58j0

Thanks for the all the pictures of Halloween. Our grandkids looked awesome. We know of the efforts that go into making everyone happy. We love you.

Well, best go. After our early house cleaning and church, it is time to go to bed. We love and miss you so much. Our prayers are full of the things we think you need. We hope that also includes also some of your wants. We are very aware of a loving Father in Heaven that is looking over you and us. We love Him.




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