What we serve we learn to love, and what we love takes our time, and what takes our time is what we love — Marvin J. Ashton


December 14, 2014

Dear Family,

Our week was full but not quite as crazy as last week. We had lots of wedding stuff that still had to be returned, but by the time P-Day ended, we had taken care of everything. We laughed when we re-read our letter from last week. We are trying to get more missionaries, especially the old guys like us, out in the mission field, not scare them away. Sorry about that. Being a Senior Missionary is the best experience you will have in your whole life.

Our efforts helping Nigel and Nelly were all worth it. As we drove by them walking to church, the smiles on their faces told it all. They are both so happy. You can see it in their faces.

On Wednesday, Mom and I drove with Elder and Sister Brammer to Bolahlakgoma, about y3CCpDWoHwZXV0d3I6lJRY2Muz-jCJ6zEIeLm0pCz_02 hours from here. Sister Kekana, a member of the Mokopane Branch is anxious to be sealed to her deceased husband in the Temple this next week. President Brammer had prepared a short Sacrament meeting and then we finished with the needed interviews. She had her own sacrament tray and songbooks out and ready for our arrival. Dressed in her Sunday best we were greeted warmly and invited into her simple but comfortable home. What an angel lady. The Spirit was strong and her prayer humble and heartfelt. It continued as Elder Brammer prepared, blessed and passed the sacrament. This was a wonderful experience.

ZLtGxouBx04_fFQ6-s3a1hMGb5KOBg6hE6T8PeBwadYeR_SimL-nlLNJSNrEgKFXhhav9rjmWwuHGtpwugjyL4 vKqM0aYjjBRcguiJgBuKBHOiSBa-PIlm2SyD23Y75GE HU5Ys_1DhU1pnFNVi-1Gf-TyqSaNNyTbustdadQs_KE

Most of our members have never been to any game reserve or even seen the animals here k1BchIhZpiStgWFo3doeenRdaPYOyzIe2Zc0iDZeeB0,roSyugChGkI9AgbDnJ2q4VWwBwELBQzf8yY5q9PWiRgin South Africa.   We had promised Ouma, Mommie, and Khomotso, that we would take them for a short outing to the game reserve just outside of town. It had rained the day before, so everything seemed clean and fresh. Mom had a prepared a small “Brunch Box” for each of us, and it was really fun. We saw everything we had planned except the Rhino. We even went for a walk on the marked trail, but no luck this time. They had a good time, and we got back in time for training.

41qwZSiU5xbAWsvtxGUNKK6ECZ0s9YF48V0Pank0lS4 ZUk2k3IZgSzT5Xj4bjCz27lqN7NuHzAY6Q6k3XpNngg eDpp8PtO1NE7dtRepNtBZb3OyGCpPGbeXfzcWWMtxts Rw0NWoJMp0xWc8LcjeVacac1x8NttPZFiE2bLdcTr80 mC1bcoLwMXx8R6LhxyX38GgvfXxruo2SzWwXIqwAJCU LR6XAPuuKIqqkczjfjZVvlgERp4GxXSjBIsPsPgBX9c CglCtnU8kMEiEWX7inUY9btq6-yrYaO0obYZW832J2w,mj29lTc7R_08L6HpKUmNZPj150Bdd2rTLm_T_FSLQqI-1 pF5wcW0B6rLedUKip7kgHSioS4YNYNg8Htic2TnLmQg,Vt24MZ3THhaQ7--WigNeJk4Qup5Yc8C624rhLLbUGWk-1

On Friday it was Jimmy’s’ birthday. President Winward sent messages out to the TX-3_bCMWgP_Xx6bfF4-FKVpAnuIvRzvnSGaC-TBrEU,swDN7yt4wLv-dGiTgQ0hdZwG150lb3xkEUB5JgN33A8members, so with the invites, and the other patients who stay in the complex, the birthday
party was, a success. Jimmy was so happy. This was his day.  It was nice to see the kindness shown to Jimmy on this special day. We sure love him. We can’t even think about leaving, and he won’t talk about it.





a0g2LXx2NvBZ2ZVZbuqdyiUlKHxJDQFxRVs-NOj7TAU,rDF-RZWHBi0Bn96c_rXkF9N7x_FReSlRZHln-2KG7yQ 1VnEKVPEIsXvJIz_KfTC-YApw18_KASzogt3Dxzuf4M XYPbrh1zoEBOzTIr46Q9nlhpRamR2yfY-4rZogBeLjU,3Zxt2jVgwqi_pbVXm2bPSNzYhNtKFIDWWUmmYqIrQRs Mfm5h3_3U5GNzU-SA0P2yZ8oEmXIn6cDz8dvhyYD-2Y,fmPt-f1eeycu3KPL7Ur0DeISETS48ytUM7xIk99ny4A

I am not sure why, but I even got that special look from Mom during the party. I know you have seen it before. Most of the time when I get that look, I spend some time in “Time UuWbFXFCWEUwmos7jJwVLCRFpcYMnCKdfg7LUzmDo2cout.” I was lucky this time. It was just a warning.



Yesterday we spent the day in Tzaneen at Zone Conference. President and Sister Dunn were touring the mission with Elder and Sister Carl B. Cook, the Area President of East Africa and member of the First Quorum of the Seventy. Elder Cook is so down to earth and inspiring. His instruction was directed by the Spirit and easy to understand. We were grateful to be there. After the meetings, all seven couples that serve in this area had diner with President and Sister Dunn, and Elder and Sister Cook. We spent about two hours visiting and getting to know everyone better. What a great day.

ObracTS2cJdcgLGDv9XKcy8CGH-WbzZPCZZI8K0eINE,METVhTPEiZO-WISbEFKyzroWcJMKwGM5Bu1gN0quh-0 bNYPi4ry6SdbK31uXcRcAB5iptBqxhlhAFsQxE0B6LY,Oi_c-3BoPfUsRIUuR6LR4Gec88LZ2jE1hzQDzhacvzY

Today was an interesting Sunday. Our main speaker did not show up. When our Assistant Group leader, who was conducting, noticed, the look in his eyes was one of sheer panic. He leaned over and asked if I would please take the balance of the time. I had a “not knowing beforehand” experience, just like Nephi. I took the 2 minutes after learning that I was the next speaker, quickly pieced together thoughts from Zone Conference, stood up and just opened my mouth. The Lord did not let me down. I felt directed and guided by the Spirit, and calm as I spoke for the next 30 minutes.

Mom had lots of extra time on her hands with some of the leaders not showing up to teach LquGkF_p4Bno7PZt-QDIBemZZft0jfmBcjObAwie9Gotheir lessons in Primary. As always, Mom was prepared with extra teaching materials. She explained how the Wise Men followed the star to seek the Savior. She gave them stars that had certain scriptures written on them. They had to “search” around the room for the correct picture of Christ that went with the scripture. The children went home that day having learned much about their Savior. Your Mom is amazing.

ifrYhZ-15XppzAfipkqw_naWuTLhvV6aS5MYq_9c63k JiVx_TiEG2wSTEF9SEDOR0oG5pCPIdi_8z8T8Cbv-Sk

I have added some pictures of some of the members after church. Kudzai is always giving her Mom, Batsirai a run for her money, and another picture of Tshediso, one of our RM’s, giving NoLo a hug. Most of the members are not afraid of showing their love for one another.

Srh6eWCtHM-dNNj8w4u3eCd-JEpcgdQeOGAr5ZzjK20 iYxEprw347wA1XA9EDuhhbW8Q5DRGzO0gDJUi85RkDc rpe-3i9sXH9cP40igYFcWQ7YpVZ3x6DR56SKlTnhpGQ UXbO5XFeSvw7WiqF13IzgitWym6jfs6z9ZIbVUmF0q8

Our heart goes out to Ann with the loss of her Grandmother and a best friend. Ann, we love you. You and your family are in our prayers.

Thank you for your continued love and care for Grandpa and Grandma. Thank you for your short visits. We hope to be there soon, so we can do the same.

As you love and care for each other, know how much we love and miss you. May this special time of Christmas help each of us remember the Savior and share His Gift of love with others.




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2 Responses to What we serve we learn to love, and what we love takes our time, and what takes our time is what we love — Marvin J. Ashton

  1. Kevin & Judy says:

    Terry, I’m sure you have heard of or maybe even received from time to time, “the Jolley Glare.” Looks like Gayle was gearing up for a real Jolley Glare.

  2. Joyce Gale says:

    I love your blog. Thanks for sharing your amazing adventure. I love the people of South Africa and hearing your experiences and seeing your pictures brings joy to my heart for the service you are giving to them and to God. May you be blessed as you continue to bless so many lives here at home as well as there in South Africa. Have a very merry Christmas. Love to you both. Joyce Gale

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