Merry Christmas!


December 21, 2014

Dear Family,

With Christmas this week, today was our Christmas Sacrament meeting. Mom wrote the o-2oLbD3OV8XWMxBnSQUNGBmPKpycWsFdT_KfTQslwsscript for the two narrators’ and arranged the musical numbers. Our trunk was packed with costumes, food, and all the props, besides the keyboard, microphone and speaker and everything else necessary to make it all happen. Key to success. Set everything out the night before. The trip to church is about 25 minutes one way. From experience, we don’t have time to go home and get it.

It was a great meeting, mixed with music from our families, the Primary children, and even the Elders. Mom was so worried about how it would all turn out, but not to worry. It was a spiritual feast about our love for the Savior of the World. As we watched and listened to both the music and the words of prophets, feelings of love for the Son of God were very close to the surface.

We had a new high of 75 at our Sacrament Meeting, so lots of the members were there to enjoy those same feelings. It was just what we had hoped for. We are grateful that we were able feel the confirmations from the Spirit and know that the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes was indeed the promised Messiah as foretold by the prophets of old.

Without breaking tradition, the Primary after-party was very well attended and went off
7Jvpb_8pkGisOZYVuQJXlWdqECn8XiM4UioA9hJhY9Qas planned. Planning for 15 and expecting 25 was a good rule of thumb. Everyone wanted to play a part in the nativity, so Mom ran through it twice. Everyone got to participate and they were all so happy. The shepherds, in the picture, were a little stunned when the angel appeared, but gee who wouldn’t be. As always, what’s a party without a treat? Mom came home thrilled, as she had watched her faith over come fear.




ggJAliGdF2Gnxp_ROg6GW1DERpe7N1Msd5ht8_u8lHkmxbjbGYz6F0PBbUyicPgZR4_E8OCFoLghevRLZJt0yk G0ryypFzw8OsyRRTsqdjRqUL3K9ySMscwjTr8IZllk4 0Cw1_J9am-jQZCrm2oszT9_HJ0kJpcIB22o4FLyt8qU cSM76Vd0JKNoLVKzT-TvVpAA3Fv3sov0opB-bCIyf-4 RcrjEKeZeH4X88gHnVJinIzdbvMecTlbEItjfVKrlFo

We had arranged to take Christina over to the chapel in Polokwane, after church, and get some family history done. She was able to get 29 ordinances temple ready, including preparation for her to go to the Temple and be sealed to her deceased husband. She is such a faithful women. What a great day.

Mom wanted you hear the song they sang at church today, so we took a few minutes after KuW9FCMZiL237ScwFBTpKkL1GrOrs_BJFj46LAeG9e4church to record a part of the music. For now, however, a picture will have to do. The video was too big to send. Our Internet here is not very fast.

We love you and are grateful that you are being cared for by a loving Heavenly Father. He knows your deepest desires. He also knows your challenges. As your desires come in line with His, you will find your pathway easier. He, however, will not shortchange you by removing challenges which bring you closer to Him. We think about you and pray for you daily. We are so proud of you.

This week, we extended our P-Day a little and traveled down the Mpumalanga area with Elder and Sister Brammer. The Blyde River Canyon boasts, the Bourkes Luck Potholes, God’s Window and waterfalls everywhere.

dyr3itnD5pZWq17Pkt2VrjZtgaCFH_0NppSznSYb_Zc,0rZWzwlzaB0HFStFzKJfdYMCUc5H6H5CxLmy3hDFlWY VXPrJ9OMqZqJ3rhCjs9iGt9CHxQMpm2fTi7bIHjr1e8    CdwYELhMFGw6u3L8sxf6C4xujYSf_yXN6lmpYQZT_QA,Bn4SuPdj08V9Bkmqsc_vT27se2RbbPczmYhVggo6JDU QYy5Vhpig39laHGsXAn7UDR9_a_Smj2G9Wt_4WVGzZohBxBY_XnePFyTDmOrk7SLkdRdwY345iTV8VNNqOLwVs,N89B3DoIFC-JXSXmDR5E3VeqhBhSTHl0tLNRscxUxXIzvMX30dvrXRtOFo8djjIWt35fSiM7CFuqW2hGYbIaOM,iEynYufCw0YGbHSsrCThrliBMH7FpEdJxD52sg7dNL8

In Mpumalanga,if you have a day that is too foggy, which it often is, just make the short trip over to Kruger National Park and get close and personal with a Buffalo, or how about a king size elephant and family. If that does not do it for you, the giraffes and zebra’s are awesome. Everything was wonderful. We never get tired of seeing the beautiful creations of our Father in Heaven. The company was great, and a couple of days rest was appreciated. Mom even got a little shopping in at one of the stops.

ZRYaM9I2VX0kKtEqW4yBgOfe43gF0hyBTz4c7-JCWcY ntcRxfdYapnMq9OZtmLqjKKWobKxGH3Ts_XZdvOAut4,WCSo4oG9EOUsPAbowPsh36Lt0RaNlxkIN_KxAHgNQ6k p57ZhewOaWjoWT9Q1Uud64vv1HW7v6M3vwu-sG9kY28,SchAE2vvVeZ5ZXdXzd5dvdymuLf8PhYgeDazaIiReAw Gic6ZBs_Z1S0U3QEOL3iQcuDjxegJeimw4mp3B4L4k0,9Y6kFjQIxB4RP8xBGBQCMJjQoCtKa67sZ0auPXZ3AFg fPg9IZyQ8J788UJpIc-kqFvQvVQv4wiAP_k_7Ou-Ivg,XQcPOlpywmGrsZkLx89eXnkIC4TxieWTZjGKnHOZg70 FIXYWkLOLh5EhfFJW5pYgLAaILplXkXYE24r8bUIGzU,UFaa8qxaTObnngCIUxL-_OOgfE2mO72qYRxLR22RnTw uMWeOWWg-xX0qF6EzhLJsItJegx17MqDWe9SQRP9LAE,cZc5Q4HbuTi1UAXmAan0c14aW9Pa98lC-0B191ompjk dFuSw062sDCwx1WNDc6dsNo3bQkVrZHp2TVq2OH9Twg,2_sx0Oy4knUSiVm-NrSVhyr76mabnBF5nKl4REKgeQU 3uvkpwo_7nsTaq6VslyP-x7WsmzrBsN37LoJfTxuFzw,n3FaJfB2g3lLBjWFMRwsS6oE4NvOMJ6bVOc-pe-1qKU z7CvPuSym0LXj8jphN7kMUOLZO8aDKwoqUI5UhBoUNU,jjKLQsdsY5ghF8lzLgpAvKBlraxI1mfQTqcSSTBGcYo

The week finished off with seeing our plans of helping Justice and Shylet Musonza be sealed in the Temple with their kids actually happen. They moved into our group last September and we have been teaching them about the temple since then. When we talked with them privately, they each told us they had dreamed about going to the temple, but never thought it would ever happen for them, even though they have been members for more than 15 years.

Their two children, Clayton, 15, and Judith, 12, both live with their grandma in Zimbabwe and go to school up there. With the temple closing for the Christmas season, we only had a 10-day window to pull everything together, before the kids had to return to Zim and to keep their passports in check.

The blessings and feelings of the temple cannot really be shared adequately. There are no shImk14XvZ-pt7Symr9RLF8xODrPN_zJHMRFnGAHSX8words to explain the blessings available to those who prepare themselves, live worthily, and then go and feel the spirit in the House of the Lord. What a thrill it was for all of us.




LitkwN35NMMgNX5AkKb3Ly-SH1R_AznpkuArR_RdN7Q,P8J2Gs5djyB8EPYlDgTPQRQ-as19qV41NSYuc5WdT6U A8F1ZJoINVaT5Mr2asX_GNSfB8JSzuhYE2imDjio4rg a1k0GG4Cu-ukYF2gm5Wjf3wCXk8lpyHUI1JmyvHNGsk ruZ3Ffj8VyWvGA1mmuFoI95SrFGjM_YPw8KKGJVExRA


Patron housing for the temple was full, so they made arrangements for us in a motel close to the temple. It was Ok. A little cozy but with some cool built in features for a room about 10 X 12 feet. Maybe I can use this set-up somewhere in a real estate project. Sorry, I am always looking. The upside was the price, $49. The down side, don’t leave the motel after 5:00 pm. I did not expect to have a beach view, but the streetscape was kind of scary. It would have been a little better if they would have had a chair in there, but the TV was OK, it was just a really long night. Lesson learned. “If you don’t bend, you break”.

ZkNkQdZ4qXok_N3zCUjBj6B5KU-BbMRb7T4r5whqo5M SKQVtSB6aKs9WbH89lfW7yAl7Sb5BIiRe-0z_UCW9RI

We love you. Keep each other close. Tell each other how much you love each other often. Give each of your kids a big love for us.


Christmas CardB



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